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3/23 c66 26Sarcasm Dragon
I know what Ron and Harry would say about this story: "Bloody brilliant!"
3/23 c61 Sarcasm Dragon
This is a much better version of the graveyard scene than canon. Immensely entertaining.
3/23 c54 Sarcasm Dragon
One of the best concepts of occlumency in fanfiction.
3/23 c52 Sarcasm Dragon
This is the point I came over from Ao3 to
1/5 c10 Guest
I just had to reread the scene on the train. It is written so good, finally Draco, THANK YOU!
1/5 c8 Guest
I am just crying my freaking eyes out, holy merlin. This is so good and so sad, really please let her be alive
9/23/2023 c39 Guest
The Reynolds Pamphlet.

9/3/2023 c4 Guest
I was rereading this book (again) and realized that Draco wasn’t affected by the Veela. In this chapter, you get the sentence, “Draco sniggered and released Harry.” He had the presence of mind to grab Harry. Meaning that he himself wasn’t affected. I’d put it down to Draco’s Occlumency, except Bill said that the only defenses from the Veela were being hopelessly in love, and not being attracted to women. If you could mind magic away love, Snape would totally have done so for his feelings for Lily. Also, it was Harry that Draco pulled back. Not Ron, or his brother, or his father. And this realization got me thinking. Throughout this series, Draco alone has never really shown interest in romance, been flustered around girls, etc., and the one time he asked a girl out, later in the book, it was by LETTER. (The Yule Ball doesn’t really count anyway, it would be weird for him not to have a date being a Malfoy.) I was already anticipating a Draco—Harry pair-up, just based on the events so far, but this tiny, almost unnoticeable detail confirms it. You are a wonderful writer, and I’d like to applaud this genius way to set up a romance, possibly years before it actually happens.
4/26/2023 c53 2HetaPhiPuffPrincess
One thing I’ve always hated about Harry even in the original series is his lack of determination. Every time there’s one bump. One thing that doesn’t go instantly he’s like forget it and fuck it. He didn’t do it with the animagus training but soon as someone else try’s to help him with something he instantly shuts down. Like analogy had the same conversation with Snape and where Draco buckled down and tried despite no extrem pressing need. Harry with an Extreme pressing need for it, is like nah I’m just doomed. Everyone around him trust Snape even Siri’s and Harry’s like no he’s trying to kill me. Even with all the proof to that not being the case. And in this series he’s not even rough housing Harry like he did in the original he’s actually trying to help. Harry’s stubbornness is what puts his friends in danger and how he doesn’t see that is beyond me.
4/24/2023 c33 HetaPhiPuffPrincess
I really hate when older people place expectations on younger people as if hey a wall thinking the same thing. Neville had to ask a younger student cuz not only is he awkward socially and emotionally he’s a loner. That boy ain’t thinking of Fun in the context the brothers are. And it’s supposed to be harmless but it’s not considering all the insecurity and it’s just annoying I get why but I’ve always hated that. Cuz Neville is literally the last perosn to take advantage of anyone let alone Ginny . Like if it was Krym sure , hell even if it was Draco the warnings would be understandable. But doing it to Neville is just messed up and due to cause them both to be too scared to even dance like she said.
4/23/2023 c13 HetaPhiPuffPrincess
I love how Snape is so stupid in this Monet, I’ve hinted at it not subtly. Claiming to not believe I. Blood supremacy yet being faithful to the dark lord does not make one trust worthy. Sympathiic maybe but trustworthy no. Like the fact he hasn’t worked out that he needs to tell Draco the truth is literally bonkers lol like come on Snape ur supposed to be the smart one.
4/23/2023 c10 HetaPhiPuffPrincess
Epppppthis was the best chapter! I love Draco and u have made me love a version of Ron that I wish he truly was!
4/23/2023 c2 HetaPhiPuffPrincess
I just love that Draco is literally playing the fuckidy fuck fuck out of all of them right now. Cuz they don’t know he already knows the prophecy. Bruh how u put me in a chockhold and the book just started. I swear this feels exactly how I felt at the grinning of Deathly Hallows just gasping!
1/12/2023 c34 Wormwood-with-Asphodel
Snape’s speech was brilliant
1/11/2023 c20 Wormwood-with-Asphodel
This is one of my favorite chapters, thank you for having Snape break it down for idiots who don’t get it (me). This was a total missed opportunity in the original.
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