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1/26 c54 Guest
I never left a review before, but I really love this series. The characters and their development are amazing. I love how Harry and Sirius get to have a real relationship as parent and kid. It's really cool to see how it changes with their age! I like how both of them have good friends and family (Even though I'm really sad that Marlene and Sirius broke up. But: It was very realistic. But: Can't imagine either of them with another person. I hope they will get together.) Every time I see a review, I read it instantly! I just love it!
1/26 c54 Guest
Probably the best fanfic series I’ve ever read. I’m enjoying this as much as I enjoyed the actual series.
1/25 c54 AS
Absolutely brilliant! How do you come up with this stuff? Quirrell did a great job explaining this to Harry, which in turn really helped me understand :)

I love your compassionate Harry who doesn't ever want anyone to be in danger b/c of him. I love your subtle humor - Animagus quizzes in Teen Witch.

Looking forward to the next chapter! Hope Harry starts to get some answers/solutions so he can sleep better.
1/25 c54 3ForeverMrs.Padfoot
I loved this update! (As I do each chapter) the back and forth between Severus and Draco was so fun to read and I’m so in love with their relationship and Draco’s growing skills. Also I STAN compassionate Harry who surprises everyone even Quirell with how caring he is ugh I cannot, that scene between them was so fun to read and made Quirell seem more human.
1/19 c54 teresa.mcadam
The way you write makes me believe in magic.
1/19 c54 3HermesDay
I really, really like what you've done with Quirrell. He didn't make much of an impression on me when I read the books, but you've really brought him into his own here. I can't wait to see what you do with him going forward!
1/17 c54 1Robyn.Girl.Wonder.93
1/17 c54 34LMSharp
The plot is dragging again. It feels rather swamped on Harry's dreams and figuring out how to fight Voldemort's intrusion into his mind. That said, you did some important things here. You set up for Quirrell and Harry discovering Harry's a Horcrux much sooner than happens in canon. Harry almost discovered it on his own before he ever started at Hogwarts. What he saw then will contribute to what Quirrell is specifically looking for now. Also, I find myself oddly REALLY liking the Quirrell-Harry dynamic.

The second thing you did here is establish that Draco has reached the place in his training where he can effectively deceive Severus. That'll be important, because he'll need to keep some of Harry's and his own secrets, even from Snape. The Animagus one is just one of them.

I get why this is necessary. But the pacing is a little off.
1/17 c54 Guest
Great chapter
1/16 c54 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Lovely chapter
1/16 c54 8MPRose
It's really fascinating how you've taken this very straightforward character of Quirrel from the PS book and then recreated him into such an interesting, multi-layered character.

On another note, I wonder if Snape's actually managed to guess that Harry's an animagus or not. :-D
1/16 c54 1speedsONEandONLY
Not exactly a bad choice
but definitely not his favorite.

Merlin help Dumbledore
when Quirrel finds the connection...

It's easier to remember
a lie rooted in truth.
1/16 c54 Lila
The mind! What a wondrous place. Interesting and well written and some Snape - Draco moments that are very precious. Also Quirrel on a hot trail, I hope Harry gets to sleep soon, (just because I feel sorry for him, the story is still great!)

Thanks for sharing and stay healthy
1/16 c54 15Kioko Yasu
I really need to do a binge reread off these stories. I have completely forgotten Quirrel's timeline. But I like how Harry basically had a therapy session in this chapter. I kinda hope that keeps going. Though Quirrel is an odd choice he seemed surprisingly good at it.
1/16 c54 1OneDocToHealThemAll
Once again a wonderful chapter. I really love that you continue so strong, I look forward to read the next chapter.
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