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for SAO X Overlord Challenge

1/1/2019 c1 Guest
Reading your reviews makes me roll my eyes. Although I see their logic, Kirito wouldn't be level 35. Just like momonga's in-game level of 100 transferred, so would Kirito's. Because Kirito didn't have large-scaling attacks or anything doesn't mean he would be suddenly weaker in the new world. It's a video game, there is no reason he would suddenly level down 60 times just because he doesn't seem that powerful compared to characters in overlord. Kirito spent over two years straight playing SAO, that's at least 17520 hours. I doubt Momonga's total play-time comes anywhere close to that.

IDK why people needlessly dunk on Kirito one moment like he's a fodder character, than turn around and call him OP Jesus-kun. Well which is it? Is he OP or not?

If you don't like SAO that's fine, but you don't have to be ignorant and change facts like Kirito's level. Also, if you still think Kirito would get whooped by any fodder character in overlord, type Kirito God mode on YouTube. It's proof that not only is Kirito more OP than Momonga, but would also solo him and anyone else in-game.

I'm not trying to be biased, Kirito's plot armor is just too heavy. Momonga doesn't stand a chance.
4/11/2018 c1 Mamon the lich king
it's a nice idea, but please don't make sao character more strong then they really are and we all know that they are no where near ainz . i don't think that anyone of them can even defeat nabe.
4/11/2018 c1 1Shalltear Bloodfallen
That's fine... Because everyone from SAO is very weak compared to Nazarick. Just because Kirito was level 100 and had a rare skill in SAO does not mean he is as strong as a level 100 from a different MMO (YGGDRASIL), so I can't wait to see him die... Alternatively, it would be interesting to see a story not focused on Kirito for a change, so Asuna being the SOLE transfer would be interesting. As long as you don't make characters more powerful than they actually are (making it so they can go up against Ainz or a guardian) this should be fine.
4/11/2018 c1 Reader
"Kirito thought that now that he has beaten Kayaba Akihito, he and all the other players trapped in the death game will be able to return to what they desired the most; the real world and their normal, even ordinary, life.

However, the poor child didn't know just how wrong he was. The true Death Game was about to begin.

When the floating castle, Aincrad, was supposed to fall with his father and creator, it did not. The massive construction started to glow with a mysterious yet malicious light. Everyone was too shocked to do anything.

"whatever come next, it can not be worst that everything we have been through" these were the naive thoughts of the young child who, in the span of two merely years, turned into a hero.


A huge earthquake started to growl, as if a huge beast whose slumber have been perturbed by the shady ritual taking place was showing its terrifying hostility.

—Good, everything seems to be working fine.

Among the shaking humans performing the ritual, an unnatural being was observing from the sky the progress.

—At this rate is only a matter of time.

What the leader of Zuranon didn't know, was that he was summoning a terrible thing. A fortress much more greater in size that the Eight Greedy Kings base.


—Master Ainz.

A creature surrounded by unholy energy, the perfect picture of Death itself, casted a neutral look to his servant.

«Shit, i forget to deactivate my Despair Aura. Again.»

Once the unholy power surrounding him calmed down, the leader of the 41 Supreme Beings acknowledge the presence of the powerful creature prostrating in front of him.

—What is it, Albedo.

The Guardian Overseer took her time to respond. Showing just how serious the situation was. Ainz knew what that means.

«...How troubling»

They needed his guidance. They have encounter a situation in which he has to make an important decision.

—Master, it seems like Demiurge has found a floating castle in the middle of the Abelion hills.

«...what? But when i was in the Kingdom of Roble i don't remember seeing such a thing...»

—Didn't Demiurge see it when we were there.

—My apologies Master, it seems like it was not there before.

—...Uh as expected.

—C-Could be that our great master already...? As expected of the greatest Supreme Being of all.

«There we go again»

After speaking about the reports of the strange castle with Albedo, Ainz cooked one of his brilliants ideas.

—Albedo. do you remember when Aura constructed the "Monument of Death" right?

—Yes, i do Master.

—I have taked a liking to that place. It would be a great sorrow if Aura's hard work were to be wasted because too many people outside of Nazarick know about it and decide to attack it, right?

—If that were to happen...

—Listen till the end, Albedo. If what you say is true, i think that we should take control of that floating castle.

When their conversation was finished, and Albedo was alone, she couldn't resist to show a broad smile.

«As expected of my dear Lord Momonga, just one step ahead of everyone else, just one step closer to obtain the chest of jewels that are the starts in the sky and adorn your perfect self with it.»



The top people of Aincrad (the most powerful people in the Front Line) could be in the realm of heroes (level 35-34 like Clementine). Perhaps we could boost kirito to be at the level of the Dark Scripture captain to give them some more "hope" before despair.

Now the players are not in a game anymore, game mechanics out. Only their "abilities" with weapons remain.

Anyway is possible to take many routes with this concept that you present. I will wait to see what happens, as always.


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