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for The Scarlet Betrayal

8/30 c2 1FangLord1234X
the power of oppai is too strong alreadly it can even convert the pass user of the boosted gear on the path of oppai
5/3 c1 jimmy.oz
not sure why they would be crying unless the whole thing was a trap and the people he heard wasn't really them but someone pretending it all. its not like people don't have crazy powers in the show.
2/21 c32 29Arcus Chevalier
First of all I love the story and second what happened to Rias? I don't remember seeing anything in the story about her fate.
10/8/2020 c32 5Creno K
This story is one of the better ones I’ve read, some parts felt a little rushed and the time skips did feel odd but I like the way it went. I am glad that you had the patience and time to write this
Thank You
9/1/2020 c32 Ravel Phoenix
So beautiful, really. The end was emotional and filled with happiness. A 10/10 from me !
7/22/2020 c3 R0gueMess1ah
Nope. Chapter 3 was just as bad as 1 and 2. Grammatical errors all over the place. Sentences missing important words. The use of words that aren’t even words. The conversations do not flow. There’s no character development. There’s not really any story development. I understand that not everyone has a great grasp of English and writing, but this just reads like a 3rd grader wrote it. I’d advise rewriting this story and then have a beta go through it, that way it will be much better.
7/22/2020 c2 R0gueMess1ah
This is so hard to read. You have dozens of grammar mistakes in the first two chapters. There are so many that I barely even know where to begin. You have to capitalize the names of people. This is elementary knowledge. Some of these sentences are missing multiple words, so it doesn’t flow at all. Your conversations just feel like I’m reading from a bullet point list. I’m going to try and get to chapter 3, but I don’t know if I can.
5/1/2020 c32 Guest
You were making a blonde harem and you didn’t add best girl ravel! C’mon man!
4/13/2020 c2 Guest
Indifference is worse than hate. Love and hate are 2 sides of the same coin and it’s common for hate to become love and vice versed but indifference is a different beast altogether.
2/28/2020 c2 Guest
blablabla dude, develop your story. That's just infodump!
2/15/2020 c6 kobistar123
Hey, its kobistar123 here and I wanted to say I really love your writing and I wish you could make more of these type of stories again please my friend. And for this story it is REALLY good Friend!...
2/4/2020 c32 Eddyg125
This is good but what happened to his parents and Rias?
12/27/2019 c32 guest
you never did explain what happened with rias and her little problem with the dragon curse, along with the fact you never did write that she removed the memory spell that she used on issei's parents. there are too many cliffhangers from numerous chapters in this story.
12/11/2019 c32 1GuardianOfTheEther
A wonderful finish to a wonderful story. Great job and I look forward to more stories from you in the future.
11/30/2019 c32 look2019
I liked the Epilogue!
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