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for The Scarlet Betrayal

12/8/2023 c3 7daschpool
the fact that you made sirzechs surprised about the whole experiments on kuroka is what destroyed the fanfic for me, you know considering the fact that he had a part in framing her! and knew full well that she was innocent but kept it a secret because he wanted koneko for himself
4/2/2023 c32 Tilty.bbb
Fantastic read well done
2/11/2023 c32 Imhim55
Wow. This was good asf
1/5/2023 c4 Guest
kill rias NOW
1/5/2023 c1 Guest
10/4/2022 c32 k12dragon1970
This is my second read of this story.. I enjoyed as much as the first time.. one of the best thing is that it comes to an end.. I've read don't come to an end..
8/5/2022 c3 Guest
7/23/2022 c32 xanderken
Well this ok. its a shame though as I don't remember seeing anything are rias or issei's parents. unless I missed it
6/24/2022 c3 blindfn133
it is really good
4/19/2022 c1 kevinthegoat0304
Yo imma be honest, the grammar and sentence structure was terrible, everything is all over the place. What is even going on? The whole story made absolutely zero sense.
2/7/2022 c32 Sylphiemarthias
What ever happened yo Rias
1/6/2022 c32 Guest
1/2/2022 c32 Sneja21
salut #AlphaFlash, j'ai trop kiffé l'histoire mais j'ai encore quelques questions. Qu'est ce qui arrive finalement à la pairie de Rias? Va t-elle mourir de la malédiction?
12/24/2021 c32 Guest
suck it rias
12/5/2021 c2 Guest
Issei could easily become a therapist
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