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for The Welsh of the Jade Mountains

8/5 c1 8REDthunderBOAR
This was so hard to find, but I knew something like it would exist.
7/26/2018 c9 1merendinoemiliano
7/25/2018 c9 PasiveNox
Yay update but why great yeah hahaha nice
7/25/2018 c9 T-B-R
short but adorable chapter.
7/25/2018 c9 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Yeah, despite my like of this story, I’d have to agree with dropping it. I don’t really see where you could go with this story, DxD’s setting doesn’t really support a story like this, it tends to work better with a definite plot and goal for the Hero’s (as in the protagonists, not the faction) to work towards, this feels more like a side story to a main plot, where pressumably we would see someone actively investigating and searching for the imposter dragon, since neither Draig or Albion seem likely to go out and look for the dragon, they seem more likely to just wait until they popped their head out somewhere where either could kill them, and the “villains” haven’t really made themselves out as a much of a threat, yeah there were some villages and land destroyed, but it’s never implied that anyone of importance/anyone who was powerful enough to be of note to the supernatural community was present at any point, so for all we know this could just be someone not worth caring about but got blown out of proportion because of circumstances. The writing and characters were done extremely well, but the plot itself didn’t feel strong enough to carry the story, better to put the effort into where it more deserved I’d say.
7/25/2018 c9 Ddastan
A real shame that you gonna end this story, you actually gave more exploration in a world and actually well done characters in 9 Chapters, than some entire stories, so well done for you sir, that's one ( two? ) of the reason that I have you as a favorite.

I found ironic and funny how Albion ended up with busty females in this one, considering both Albion and Ddraig wielders in cannon.

Hope you pick up some of these ideas in the future, when you end one of your stories ( in a future far, far away ahahah )
7/25/2018 c9 FateBurn
nice chapter to bad this died.
7/11/2018 c8 PasiveNox
jajajajahhahahaha this is just great man
7/11/2018 c7 PasiveNox
ahhh issei hehehe great
7/11/2018 c6 PasiveNox
hshshshsshshshhahahaahaha this is great
7/11/2018 c5 PasiveNox
7/11/2018 c4 PasiveNox
haahahahahha great comedy
7/11/2018 c3 PasiveNox
hahahahahahaha go issei hahah this is great
7/11/2018 c2 PasiveNox
ehehehhehe great
7/11/2018 c1 PasiveNox
this is nice
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