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1/17 c22 airunee
That last part reminded me of the song Inokori-sensei and I just realized how similar it is to Harry and Remus' relationship
1/15 c91 Cwhit930
Wow a this was worth the wait, thank you for the time you put into this creation and sharing it with the fanfic readers. Love the ship as you can do a lot with a Harry with more cunning behind him and Luna and Dobby are my favorite characters. Thanks again and will look for more of your works
1/11 c91 elixirmaster
This was great. I really liked how you captured Parvati being in love; from the whole 'she'd be willing to be his second girlfriend' thing to how long it took her to figure out that it wasn't gonna happen (after seeing the engagement ring); really brings home how delusional love can make people be, felt real.
1/11 c90 elixirmaster
You have the best final battle; I love action scenes, but fighting smart is truly the best.
1/11 c88 elixirmaster
Hardcore Harry, damn.
1/4 c91 1Jimbocous
Thanks for an outstanding read!
1/3 c1 JuleKiwi
Oooooh interesting premise! I’ve never read a Harry/Pansy fic so am interested to see how it works out.
12/30/2020 c91 16Lerris
I believe it was chapter 31 it went completely off the rails. *sighs*.
12/25/2020 c91 3renextronex
I have to say that even though I have some grievances on how some things were handled in this fic (several plot points and general cliches), I ultimately love it. Is all in characterization and how Pansy and even other characters don't twist their personalities just to accommodate the MC. Pansy doesn't just become a ball of sunshine just because she is Harry's girlfriend, and she still doesn't like what she doesn't like, it makes it so that she feal real, and when there is character development and she becomes a better person, it is for herself instead of it being to accommodate Harry. Again that's great characterization and it's what definitely carries this fic for pretty much 700k words.
12/24/2020 c67 renextronex
WTF? the prophecy is nullified? how? fate is supposed to be an inexorable force, to be simply "nullified"... IDK, I find it cheap
12/22/2020 c23 Guest
Same thing I asked myself in the first rune painting orgy: why are the runes only on her? If the ritual is supposed to benefit both of them, there should be runes painted on him as well.
12/21/2020 c91 ILikeFanfiction4296
amazing story, i like the parts with venessa and steven. the story was written greatly.
12/21/2020 c7 renextronex
I was enjoying the fic and suddenly you put the whole "magic is all about intent!" bullshit, however differently worded. Why?
12/21/2020 c6 renextronex
really? wandless magic just out of nothing? what the hell?
12/16/2020 c42 Guest
This is a heart wrenching and beautiful chapter, especially the finale. I can hardly imagine the amount of trust needed for something like that
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