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for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman

11/27 c2 Xenon1019
WTF! The guy is eating a fucking onion straight out of the fridge.
11/19 c29 Manko and Chinpo
I expected Kenji to be more realistic and sociopathic. The fusion of two personalities into another? Are you kidding? Supposed to be a mental disorder, but being a virgin child and having a small dick (loser). Kenji should have died beforehand, but because of the stupid armor plot it became stupid writing.
11/19 c29 Fair
This might sound weird, but I want to see the perspective of one of the 'minor' clans like the Yamanaka adjusting to the changes like artifacts and beasts and stuff. Like, are there any artifacts that they find particularly useful? How do their jutsu work on chakra beasts? That sort of thing.

Aburame and Inuzuka might be interesting too.
11/12 c29 Evan
Update soon
11/11 c1 StoneTheLoner
Imo the system was a step too far. You already have an SI blacksmith. He's also going to be like a cultivator/monk. Did the story really need another gimmick?
11/9 c9 Aselo
He had just ran 200 laps around the village's outer wall. The distance between the front gate and the Hokage Monument was 1.6 miles, meaning that just one lap around the village was 5.03 miles. He had been running since dawn

Assuming he's run 12 hours that's 83 mph on average or 134kph 18 hours would be 56mph or 90kph. wow that's fast
11/9 c29 2Anjels lunnares
If you are going to make a sect of evil cultivators, then it would be a good idea to make a sect that uses cultivation based on demonology (demon cultivation) or necromacia (cultivation with spirits / dead).

For good sects it would be nice to have a culture based on Semiology (Medicine).
11/8 c5 Watermelonninja
You fucked up the story. Good for you
11/7 c29 Evan
Update soon
11/7 c29 erukichama
I want POV team 7
11/3 c29 2J.E.P 1996
Nah make Hinata get a back bone.
11/3 c29 Bladre MKT
I love how Kenji wanted to have some success as a mild merchant and the moment he found no way to get away from Kaguya and how much she could help it all went to hell, butterfly effect be damned. Now things are a LOT more crazy and I'm wondering how much of the plot will hold the same. Even at the very start, with so many chakra beasts and if Wave is getting attacked with ink weekly, is Zabuza still on the same path that would lead to team 7's first decent battle? Is Orochimaru after Sasuke instead of trying to possess or become a cultivator? (Evil cultivator opening, here is a snake for you.) But whatever ends up happening, I'm loving it, I'm in for it.
11/2 c29 3kent-jensen
11/2 c9 2J.E.P 1996
Might be a bit late but I want more Aiko
11/1 c15 19thepkrmgc
So I still have no idea why the team captain betrayed them, and what happened to the rest of the army.
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