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for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman

8/1 c11 vparadox12122000
LOL the binding prayer beeds remind me of the thing in Inuyasha the anime with the sitting enchant.

All in all nice work on the story dude.
7/10 c16 1Adam Michael Daw
how could it be lethal force if no one died? makes no sense
7/4 c4 jaybay23911
I kind of lost interest after this chapter. Sure, he has a great ability, but, the way he revealed all his cards will make him a target and their is no way the hokage is going to let him leave now. It's too childish in mindset that doesn't think about consequences.
6/16 c3 AlphaKenny1
I need clarification so I dont waste my time, is the concept of the story him being a Craftman ? Are we gonna have Naruto fighting gods in the background while our "Small and Fat" protagonist shows us the advantages of investing in real estate. I need to know what the story will be about 'cause the description and the story not match yet.
Also starting a fic by overstating how the protagonist will not change cannon and will not partake in most of the action has to be the most ballsy move in writing history.
5/10 c2 gurubelj
Hopefully he doesn’t make kaguya stronger
5/8 c6 majikss
why is he fat isn't he supposed to he a ninja
5/7 c31 57Shieldage
Good distillation of wuxia tropes! Yay for Kaguya and the MC warping reality. Thanks for the recommendation of Chinese EDM vids. I definitely enjoy the trope of imports writing novels - I'm glad the MC stuck mainly to reinventing stories published by their past self. Nice action, great distribution of chakra beasts and ninja bunnies.
5/3 c26 Seimika
Will team a survive the jackets? Will team b survive the fall? Stay tuned in for the next epic episode in kenji the Shinobu craftsman! Naruto vs the mummy!

Couldn't help myself
5/3 c24 Seimika
So giant stone blocks that produce blocks of ice...for a price?
5/3 c23 Seimika
I'm surprised he hasn't opened up a construction option and use his paper familiar as workers and maybe have them become basic talismans (for the right price) after completing the job
5/2 c6 Seimika
Why doesn't he teach the rabbit control techniques?
4/17 c2 Chatwyn
OMGosh praying to Kaguya worked since she is a goddess... but I sense that this is going to BITE HIM IN THE BUTT

I mean, it's a 50% increased success rate in crafting in exchange for um, putting yourself on KAGUYA'S RADAR? The ultimate big bad senpai in Naruto has now 100% NOTICED YOU
4/16 c31 Victor Ebone
miss this
4/8 c24 Guest
It's just becoming waay over the top. Sad really considering 10-15 chapters was good.
4/5 c15 RueX12
Wuxia setting?... Yeah, no matter how much I enjoy this fanfic I'll rather not see anymore of this cause mixing anime and wixia is fine but I'll rather not see Naruto cultivating or whatever happens in the future
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