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for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman

23h c18 The Lord Bread
Dammit, the Chackra beast Association should be trust so we can get CBT
7/23 c16 The Lord Bread
He has multiple disguises, the pretty boy, and the fat shinobi.

He needs a chad alph transformation
7/23 c7 The Lord Bread
(it does)
7/23 c6 The Lord Bread
I enjoy the idea of a craftsmen so much, but the potential is somewhat limited by the Naruto world. Most characters don't use armor or weapons, and rarely use drugs
7/23 c4 The Lord Bread
"An ability I soley can do."

*Orichimaru would like to know your location*
7/20 c1 Guest
Good try but failed. Way too different in the way narutos world works
7/16 c31 1Lustrydoesntknow
I really hope you don’t abandon this
7/14 c31 Blok-744-11
Man are you are you ALIVE if you are up to date
7/10 c31 Guest
Bless you author-san you are amazing. It's so hard to find good content that has been updated recently, so when I saw this I didn't even hesitate. I am looking forward to an update
7/3 c31 ivanganev1992
Ook with is next
7/3 c30 ivanganev1992
Zetsu as well could sabotaged the cultivation or choose to sabotage in certain level
7/3 c24 ivanganev1992
I think healing potions should be all acesible as most adventurers have ir
7/2 c9 ivanganev1992
The girl could assist maybe making the raw version of the artefacts (Blacksmithing)Tailoring ,Julery at best to level 9
And Seller .

Kenji making the artefacts?
6/25 c23 Badgerfrog
The setting of Naruto is becoming less and less important to the story as time goes on. Soon it'll just be another generic cultivation story, which is a shame.
6/24 c2 lanitri27
Soooo... You're telling me that this Mc have never experienced hunger before and have never seen his own blood despite remembering living two lives that are both prone to hunger and bleeding?
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