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for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman

12/29/2020 c28 Blaze1992
Aww look at him being responsible instead of greedy.
12/29/2020 c27 Blaze1992
12/28/2020 c30 Self-insert-cannon
We need the holy hand Granada
12/26/2020 c16 john777
keep writing
12/24/2020 c17 john777
keep writing
12/24/2020 c30 10Amu4ever
Wow, this is great. Thank you for your dedication to your story. It is really an awesome feeling to be sure you will update, even if it might take a bit. Also, I like the ninja bunnys very much. Their "outbreak" was also an ingenious idea of yours. Oh and you are one of the few who manages time breaks in a way that keeps events interesting. No idea how you do it, but that is awesome! And admireworthy! (Admireworthy will be a word one day, just enough people have to use it. That is the way new words are developed after all.)
12/23/2020 c30 Claton fromMoga
The monster hunter GAMES are incredible and the biology of nearly every single creature is explained. I’m optimistic about the movie but it was made by the guy that fucked up res evil’s movies plus the plot is so dumb compared to what it could have been being set in that world. But as long as they keep true to the creatures being animals that only act against humans/wyverians/sea folk because of things like in one of the trailer monsters ,Black Diablos being extra territorial do to it being mating session, or just because they are a carnivorous creature like the others in the trailer. It’s not that their true MONSTERS they are just powerful animals that at the end of the day need to eat sleep defend their Territory and reproduce
12/22/2020 c30 movielover8210
I have nothing, but praise for this story, pls keep incorporating the clan rivalries, it would be so awesome if the different clans each found, at least 1 beast that really represent them well, while they try to mess with you're adorably greedy OMC, he is so deviously funny too, I could even picture him somehow convincing an Aburame to play strip poker, while selling the photos of how that Aburame look, to those who were interested XD
12/22/2020 c24 9sd74
How about the seal shinigami used to send the souls to the afterlife or the glove rukia used to have ichigo leave his body?
12/22/2020 c23 sd74
The 2nd Hokage:hehehe (ghost cultivators)
Uzumakis: hehehe (ghost cultivators)
12/22/2020 c22 sd74
*Gasp* is he gonna get a semblance!?... jk. I do wonder what element his root is.
12/22/2020 c30 1Beeswax2
Bravo !

Superbly done as usual !
12/22/2020 c27 Svenion
wow, youre going all in on this whole kaguya thing, huh? it was interesting, gl with the rest
12/22/2020 c26 Svenion
too long. probably fun to write, but on the end I'll probably just skip forward when they escape to see the end results. well written to be sure, I'm just not one for extended side quests . which is weird, cuz the whole story is really a side quest. so I'm fine with main side quests, just not sub-side quests. i guess.
12/22/2020 c30 badillazephres1812
I think its time for him to introduce taming manuals
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