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for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman

5/16 c31 10Amu4ever
Hihi, Kenji is truly revolutionising the Elemental Nations. Pretty cool that. :-)
5/14 c31 DaddyAlastor
BLOODY AMAZING story i love it and i cant wait until the next chapter
5/13 c8 10WiseSilver
This story is certainly interesting.
Though I’d suggest cutting the mini asides/author notes. They break the flow of reading and the descriptions you use are more the enough.
My only complaint is that I’m not sure I enjoy the video game side mechanics. You really intrigued me with the idea that his past life was that of a traditional Japanese blacksmith. But... that never got used and it’s really more of a rpg enchanting ability.
I feel like the story would have been better served if the character was older, rather then a child like on the story.
Nothing you can do about these now, but they are reasons I probably won’t be continuing the story.
You have skill and I can see you refining it. Keep up the good work and I may come back to look at any future works.
5/13 c19 NobodyOwens5
she's turning his world into a dungeon dive world... Rip Kenji.
5/13 c16 NobodyOwens5
did these guys just take all his gear?... Damn bro.
5/12 c5 NobodyOwens5
is this a Monty python reference? I feel like it has to be.
5/12 c31 HaggardHobo
Can't wait for more.
5/11 c13 Rokai666
you know a person would die at around 100 volts right unless there is somehow almost 0 amps because it's the amperage that kills
5/10 c31 Festus Krex
Airship hype
5/9 c12 11Sultan Asil Arslan
I feel like this guy is Naruto worlds Stan Pines.
5/5 c9 Epul
Yes, Aiko should appear later.
5/3 c31 Svenion
I've also noticed you have a tendency to leave stories unfinished. kind of hard to get interested in something when the evidence points to it eventually being abandoned
5/3 c31 Svenion
still well written, but still no compelling story to back it up.
5/3 c31 hardikasurya901
Well such a good story, hope you will finish this
5/2 c3 Guest
2 pounds is nothing. The daimyos wife wouldn’t even notice. Also why is the mc such a dumbass? There is no reason for him to want to be fat. Literally none.
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