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for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman

5/2 c20 hardikasurya901
Just hope kaguya become his love interest.
5/2 c19 hardikasurya901
You poison shinobi world with xianxia, what a man you are!
4/29 c31 lonetigar20
Awesome can't wait for more :)
4/28 c4 Guest
Will he ever learn to craft on his own? Cuz right now I think he buys things from others and then upgrades them using his chakra
4/27 c31 4Nea-Nyx
Kenji is as scary as ever… O _ O;
4/27 c31 Lesancapo
Awesome fanfic.
4/27 c12 yahska
Seriously, why are you making a big deal out of genin exams. No way Sakura would have been able to pass this and this is a test for reserves.
4/27 c31 jhsilver123
I'm really loving this thanks, Though I am confused where are the young masters at? and why hasn't your MC courted death yet?
4/27 c1 jhsilver123
eh to be honest I don't get why he is so worried. I get that their government is basically a dictatorship, with the Hokage having all the power with some council having some, but the Hokage doesn't have the power to simply say you're a Senju and that's that.
Was the Hokage just trying to bluff here or something?
He could also use the fact that many people are cable of using the magnet release and not be from the same clan, he could use that as an excuse. Also, take into account that Hashiram is the only wood release user you could make an argument the wood release is not a part of the Senju clan.
4/27 c10 Dracaris5470
OK now I kinda want a Kaguya pairing where they both Stockholm each Other into it
4/27 c16 TheaRiddle
I love this so much! Your writing style resembles chinese novels which I also enjoy reading. I love the humor and the reactions of everybody is so funny. Like the phrase spit blood lmao and I also like how you incorporate the wuxia and xianxia cultivation elements. Kudos 333333
4/27 c31 Blaze1992
Him as Hokage will not end well, hell it be better to force him to be become head of the senju so he could command Tsunade to come back to be the hokage instead.

Old 3rd is forgetting something if he forces the kid to not only out himself as a senju but also become hokage, it will make the kid resentful to the point he might appoint Gai as the next one.
4/27 c4 yahska
Grabbing not grapping. Don't go invent new words.
4/27 c3 yahska
Is he an idiot. Why else would he sell the upgraded items. As soon as Danzo hears about the items he would quietly disappear and would be upgrading items for root for the rest of his life.
4/26 c31 Fox o Snow
This story is truly amazing. Thanks for the read I really appreciated it ️
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