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for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman

4/26 c31 Wolf1806
First I want to say I am sorry about your loss, and I hope everything will get better. And I want to say you are a great author with a fantastic story. You have my full support.I love the story.I think this is one of the best story of a naruto FanFiction. And if you make a patron for kenji for Advents chapters I would pay .I hope you continue and don’t stop this fantastic story . And can’t wait for the next chapter.
4/26 c31 hero of time45
didn't you say earlier that akamie the rabbit had a brother where is he
4/25 c31 2Thwyla Stellar
Ahhhh! Finally an airship! I was wondering when he will produce one. I can see the other hidden villages puking blood when it comes out Hahahaha
4/25 c31 zepta642942
Yay... Kenji is back
4/25 c20 Hadrian.Caeser
Poor Kota
4/25 c31 Elogost27549
My biggest problem with this story is the complete disconnect between the description and the actual story. I wanted to read about a shinobi craftsmen with some crossover elements thrown in. What I got was a merchant that turns into a fighter that turns into a pseudo general. I don't recommend this story because of what I mentioned above as well as some problems with punctuation, grammar, and tenses that gave me a headache at one point.
4/25 c31 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
tricky hokage
4/25 c31 Kalstorm99
awesome chapter!
4/25 c31 superpierce
great chapter keep up the good work.
4/25 c31 KarimHD
Read the profile and I hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you for updating this story and also looking forward to seeing the doll gamer both phenomenal stories.
4/25 c31 9linkiepie2214
Nice to see more of this beautiful story, into next time.
4/25 c31 Myllinu
thanks for the update. really enjoying this. hope life gets better for you, but definitely understand that fanfiction isn't the priority
4/25 c31 EP
4/25 c31 JKingSniper
Hmm charity representatives...
4/25 c31 badlander47
Glad your back! Cool update.
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