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for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman

4/25 c31 Uday Sra
4/25 c31 Wolf1806
I love the story cant wait for the next chapter
4/25 c31 Hadrian.Caeser
4/25 c31 3doraemax
hahaha... to think Sarutobi now can be said to have the exact opposite of Danzou as another head-ache. After all, Danzhou scheme to take over while Kenji schemed to release his obligations... hahahaha...in any case, their interaction always brings a smile.

hmm...so, he'll utilize them sort of like the goblin's trader if warcraft?
4/25 c31 UnknownUserNr47
Good chapter.
4/25 c31 lazyguy90
Absolutely wonderful to see this updated.

Hahaha, god the interplay between Kenji and Hiruzen is hilarious. And I imagine to many in Konoha, Kenji does seem like the ideal future hokage.

Brilliantly intelligent. A skilled ninja. Talented at politics and economics. Has the approval of the Fire Nation Daimyo. Is absolutely indispensable to the Village. And has been strengthening it in all sorts of ways, whether through his products, or through the CBA.

Alas, the only way they'll convince him is if he can make money off the role of Hokage.
4/25 c31 cloth slayer
somehow even the world building makes me excited and i don't even mind the wait since its the right amount of escalation followed by the right amount of foreshadowing/information
4/25 c31 2Silva En Eden
4/25 c31 Saitrex
Aaah a good update for a nice story. Good chapter, the interaction between Hiruzen and Kenji was really enjoyable !
Waiting for the next chapter :
4/25 c31 Peacemaren
Just a small correction here, but killing Naruto and resurrecting him with the Edo Tensei would not provide his half of the Kyuubi when he is resurrected; the Kyuubi would disappear upon Naruto's death and be reformed later. The only reason that Minato has the Kyuubi with him in the Shinigami's stomach and when he's resurrected is he performed a sealing technique specifically to do just that; bring half of the Kyuubi with him to the grave. Your point still stands, of course. It would be easier than child's play for Kaguya to simply capture Naruto and extract the Kyuubi from him. They would just have to do it when he was alive, not dead.
4/24 c30 NoodleGlutton
Shit man, I hope that you are doing better. I saw the announcement on your page and I hope that it gets better for you. I hope that you continue your writing as I think you are genuinely really good at it and I would love to to see your stories continue. If you feel that you can't however I totally understand since life is kinda messed up right now and you need to focus on what you need and need to do. Still I wish all the best for you and hope that you can continue to write.
4/24 c9 Lilaschupa
J'espère qu'il n'y a pas eu de romance ça dénaturerait l'histoire j'aime cette histoire
4/24 c5 Lilaschupa
Franchement au début j'ai eu un peu de mal à accrocher mais je kiff maintenant
4/21 c30 2RTWilliams
I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more until doing so made me cry again. please for the love of all that is wuxia, continue this story to its completion.

impatiently waiting for more,
thank you.
4/19 c11 14Guestspirit
If anyone ever did a reading fic of this and includes Kiba, he'll be howling with laughter at the part where his sister ate the dog food.
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