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for Eyes are Windows

1/4 c2 Guest
Naruto is definitely on to something... He should make toad stew. If the toad couldn't find Jiraiya until after the fact, that's pretty bad. Hope Naruto can figure out Itachi's secret by the next time they meet. It might shock the stoic Uchiha into admitting it.
5/18/2020 c2 7Amaterasu53
Write some more! I like this pairing
3/9/2020 c2 gatitapri
Follow please
2/27/2020 c2 Wika0304
please update, it starts brilliant
12/15/2019 c2 Foreverstarlight
wow, love this story and the idea behind it. really hope you continue. hoping for a NarutoxItachi
10/27/2019 c2 DarknekoKurai
Ohh i like this. I hope to read more soon. I like to see a smart naurto. Thanks for sharing.
8/15/2019 c2 vwheel10
Poor toad
6/16/2019 c2 1yuzukikuran476
Well done with this chapter and please update soon.
6/16/2019 c1 yuzukikuran476
Thank you for Making this an Itachi and Naruko/Naruto Story and I wish there's was more Itachi and Naruko/Naruto Stories like this one and I hope that Naruko/Naruto finds out the truth about Itachi and Uchiha Clan. hopefully, Naruko/Naruto can save both Itachi and Sasuke.
6/2/2019 c2 draculyn28
very good story, I hope to see what happens later, I hope the continuation greetings.
5/24/2019 c2 dizzydani777
toad stew Yum!
5/16/2019 c2 laurajustin
Great story! Can't wait for the next update!
5/16/2019 c2 KooraX
woohoooo! ItachiXFemNaruto! Naru reaction is interesting as hell! looking forward for your next chapter!
I’m so glad you updated! SQUEALS
4/14/2019 c1 laurajustin
Great story! Can't wait for the next update!
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