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for Dark Paradise

3/18 c45 Lore562
I love so much this story
3/12 c1 4justginger
I love this series! I can't wait to start this one
1/26 c45 Hhe13ffA
Love that you have continued to write about these two ️

Amazing writing!
1/26 c44 Hhe13ffA
This was so moving! The perfect insight into him with exactly what & how he feels for his wife.

Absolutely amazing writing!
1/26 c44 debb lavoie
Edward wrote the BEST article!
Of course you wrote the best. Well done.
1/26 c43 debb lavoie
I thought Sick was my favorite story until this one. All the background was laid down and you're good at keeping the timeline lively..I love that even though there was angst it was kept short. An excellent story!
1/26 c42 debb lavoie
A great chapter. Bella is a fantastic performer.
1/26 c43 Hhe13ffA
I loved every word & every emotion that came with it .
Amazing writing as usual!
1/26 c41 debb lavoie
As a crime family I understand why Aiden's girlfriend is not who he should date. How can the family trust her.
1/26 c42 Hhe13ffA
Loved this!

Amazing writing!
1/25 c41 Hhe13ffA
Can’t blame Bella for being a mama bear . I’m one too.
Amazing writing!
1/25 c40 Hhe13ffA
Great chapter! Love how Edward is making sure his son is really ready to begin that journey with him.

Amazing writing !
1/25 c39 debb lavoie
That was sweet with Melissa.
1/25 c38 debb lavoie
I think the Swans should be framed for something and Tanya too, oh and Esme.
1/25 c37 debb lavoie
I think I love that judge. Bella got off easy.
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