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2/10 c44 Cknsw
I’ve just finished 1,2 &3 back to back. So very well written and enthralling. I particularly like the generational apprach and devolopment. Read them fellow fan fic readers!
2/7 c44 Allear
I forgot to say that I'm petty enough to wish for some bad Karma happening to Charlie and especially Renée. I wish that Bella would have found some way to take her money back or sue them for defamation or something.
2/7 c43 Allear
So, this was a long journey, but it was captivating all the way. In some ways, it was a hard read because the characters made choices that are very much against my own morals. But I think I got the core of the story that was about real and deep love transcending differences and obstacles.(at least in my interpretation.) I said it before but it's worth repeating, it's quite a feat to follow these two over such a long time span without any significant time jumps! Hat off for the author!

I tried something new and commented on certain chapters and not only on the epi. It was a good outlet when I wanted to yell at the characters. Sorry for that.

A big thank you for sharing this story!
2/7 c42 Allear
That was seriously effed up. The boyfriend murder his girlfriend's father because it doesn't fit in their line of work to be connected to an alcoholic?
2/7 c39 Allear
I'm a little bit surprised that rehab turned out to be such a big thing. I thought that was a staple for Hollywood celebrities... I'm also a bit surprised that Bella didn't garnered more sympathy after the shooting. There was a home invasion, and she was brutally assaulted by a known criminal. There was no evidence that it was premeditated, and the common reaction would probably have been sympathy for the trauma and admiration that she managed to defend herself, well, had her husband been any other person.
2/7 c37 Allear
Well, now Bella really, really took the cake! I mean she kills the dealer, joyfully neglecting that her husband literally provides thousands of kids in Aiden's age with the exact same thing. And she happily enjoys the perks.
2/6 c35 Allear
What a shock this story must have been for the younger generations. It all started with a 20 y/o and a devastatingly handsome 20 something in steamy lemons, to a now fifty something and his slightly younger wife getting it on in the kitchen... old people (wink). But seriously, it's impressive that this story has managed to follow this couple over such a length of time without any significant time jumps. Really cool!
2/6 c34 Allear
I'm pretty sure Tony is his half-brother. Would be a typical thing for both Tanya and Carlisle to do.
2/5 c23 Allear
"...her adorably swollen ankle." Well, that was a first.
2/5 c18 Allear
I'm wondering what happened to Savage and how it was received. I'm also wondering about Bella's career. So far, she's done four movies since she got together with Edward and two or three albums. Not very productive tbh. And no new movies in sight. I would have wished for Edward to become a little more Hollywood instead of Bella becoming a little bit more mafia. Many chapters to go, though. I hope she gets to keep the baby.

And about your AN on the accuracy of things, I agree completely that the reader should just roll with it. You are sharing your creativity with us readers, and it's a gift I'm so, so grateful for. If there's a factual error every now and then, it deserves to be treated with leniency.
2/4 c4 Allear
The fact is that the mafia's bargaining chip is violence and intimidation. What they do is theft and exploitation of people. Trade arms, drugs, and traffick humans. I can't really get over this and see Edward's love for Bella as a sufficient redeeming quality.
9/9/2023 c44 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
That was the sweetest thing a man could write about his wife. Really. He was ferocious in his defense of and fierce in retaliation for the love of his life.
9/8/2023 c41 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I hooe Adeline is everything she is claiming to be!
9/8/2023 c40 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Did Aiden already find someone, or is he just testing the waters?
9/8/2023 c39 That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I’m so glad she isn’t retiring!
I hope Aidan drags Call through the mud, SUCCESSFULLY durinng his lecture!
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