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for Harry Potter-the new kid

9/30/2018 c3 6MistraltheSkelegirl
LOL! Cartman-Harry face off!
9/24/2018 c3 24MonkHerrick
Love this story hope this is updated soon!
6/8/2018 c3 Coffee Thief
Checked the game out again since this fic renewed my interest in it. Some things I've noted:

1) Cartman makes his group pay membership fees and basically extorts money from them. I feel like only Butters would actually pay him though. It's not Cartman meticulously enforces it anyway considering he forgets all about it after the Elves attack. I definitely can't see Craig paying since he'll still be salty over that time Stan's group "invested" (stole) his birthday money. So another reason for them to side with the Elves in this story.

2) Tweek tells his parents in the show about the Underpants Gnomes stealing from him but they don't believe him (as the little critters always disappear before they come in). I think it'd be heartwarming if Harry acknowledged their existence and reassured Tweek that he isn't crazy. It could be another divergence from canon where Tweek invites Harry over to his house for a sleepover and they end up getting shrunk by the Gnomes and fighting them. Tweek deserves to have someone who he can trust and confide his worries.

3) The New Kid is basically a kleptomaniac since he goes into people's houses and steals everything possible (Thief Craig would be proud). Granted, this pretty much pokes fun at RPGs where the heroes do exactly that. Still, you'd think guys like Kyle, Stan, or Cartman would realize this and at least lock their rooms.
6/3/2018 c3 Coffee Thief
Hmm, interesting how the quest to recruit Token diverged into something that happened in 'The Fractured But Whole'. Cops are mid to late-game enemies so it's a miracle the kids managed to win with only three members. I suppose it helped that the poisoned cop got confused/panicked and shot up his own team. Plus Harry overcharged that 'Stupefy' so that it became as strong as an Ultimate Attack (since normally it's single-target).

Tweek joins the party and it's time to rescue Craig! Let's see... as a Barbarian, Tweek has no armor to dampen damage. He can inflict Stun with a bludgeoning weapon and Knockback an enemy. He can enter Rage mode (lasts 3 turns) which gives him an attack boost, increases his speed, and lets him counterattack if struck by a melee attack.

Feldspar the Thief can inflict Bleeding with his dagger and turn Invisible. He can Steal a helpful status effect/buff from a target and create Shadow Clones.
6/3/2018 c3 2ringoshirayuki9
True that and good luck with exams aka the demon tests
5/31/2018 c2 3RCRC36
Great story
5/7/2018 c2 Coffee Thief
Oooh, I like that you're giving Tweek some screen time. I was kinda disappointed that you couldn't have him or Craig as your teammates in battles. Craig at least had a more prominent role but Tweek just had his story quest. Hehe, nice touch with adding that Craig only sided with the Humans on account of Tweek. Even if they're not dating yet at this point, it shows how they care about each other.

Hmm, since Harry started off with the Elves, that means he won't fight Jimmy as they are on the same side. So the Human-equivalent boss would be... Clyde? Stan and Butters basically swapped roles as first Buddy/mid-game boss.

I can already tell Harry's gonna be great friends with everyone if only because he can cast Silencio to shut Cartman up if he goes too far with his insults.
4/27/2018 c1 Yer A Wizard
Idea: You could change Summoner class to be called 'Druid' for the Elves (like how Cartman refers to the Monk class as 'Jew' on the human side). Harry's summons could be his Patronus Prongs along with Moony and Padfoot. His ultimate/4th skill would be his own Animagus transformation (as Druids can shapeshift). He can use Protego to Shield, Stupefy to Stun, and Incendio for a fire attack.

Lol, looking forward to seeing Harry's reaction to Cartman's bastardization of magic (especially his Curse shock spell).

I feel like Dumbledore is gonna find Harry in the finale of the game and think the Stick of Truth is a legendary wand surpassing the Elder Wand/Death Stick.
4/24/2018 c1 Farticus
Ohhh, interesting choice of crossover with Harry Potter considering South Park is full of potty mouths. Should definitely affect Harry's upbringing with how casual everyone is about using foul language.

I hope he picks the Summoner class. It sounds the most interesting. Perhaps it'll tie in with his parseltongue/ability to talk to snakes?

Well, Pip was British but the boys (Cartman especially) liked to insult him by calling him "French". Wonder if that'll happen to Harry too? I can see Harry disliking Cartman and comparing him to his cousin Dudley only much more clever/dangerous.
4/14/2018 c1 9Femalefan
The plot is interesting. Shorten your paragraphs and you should proofread. I's need to be capitalized and you used the wrong "your". There are betas if you need one.

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