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9/15 c46 holymalony1234
Yeah I'm gonna call its quits here. this story could have been something awesome, but the Sulphur character is utterly ridiculous, dull, boring and gives off big self-insert vibes with the whole "I'm better than all these characters" and has dragged the story down. I don't even care what he is at this point, I just want him gone, and because of him I don't have the will to finish the story. A shame, but it is what it is.
9/10 c45 1xBud
Emerald is OOC based on this entire story. If this was canon Emerald, fine, but this is not the girl who said no to Cinder when she was first approached.
9/9 c37 xBud
Man, Sulfur really takes away from what is otherwise a masterclass story. I’ve taken to skipping any scenes he is in.
8/23 c56 Archer0
Thanks for the fantastic story bud, really enjoyed it start to finish.
I know I'm late but why do authors insist in having the female lead raped and then immediately having her fuck the MC?
Is it some kind of cucking or rape fantasy fetish?
7/1 c56 tH1s
After all these years, Whitley is still holding into that video. hahhaha

Talk about petty. hahah

I would totally do that.
6/23 c56 thegreatest1994
6/22 c55 Cheshirek3t
Thank you for the story
6/22 c56 Cheshirek3t
That ending tho
6/20 c1 2AlexFalTon
Why was Roman so Meta? Weird version of him, but I like it.
6/14 c56 sorendalias
My heart breaks as it is glad to read this ending. I have never loved reading a fanfic about anything so much. Of the dozens of fanfics I've read, this is my favorite. I look forward to your next project. Seriously, good story friend
6/9 c56 1Skull Crimes
Wow, this must be one of the most imaginative and well-written RWBY fic that I have ever read. While i am sad that it has ended, I also glad it had ending in the first place. I hope you use the lessons this fic taught to further your future endeavours.
Great work.
6/3 c56 Trey of the rebellion
Glad we got a happy ending!
6/3 c56 Arue23
This was such a great story, and with all great works, I'm sad that it's ending. While I would've liked to see Alice being freed I have no complaints with how things turned out, even Sulfur's death was nice. I pray your muse treats you well on whichever project you choose to do next. Once again thank you for the story. Be well on your side of the world.
6/2 c56 X3runner
Such a good story , kinda sad to see it end but I’m happy to have read the entirety of it.
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