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for Project Shadow - Revisited

8/5/2019 c6 Weels282hedgehogZP
I am a huge Shadow fan and I love this story, but you destroyed Sonic's personality here. He is a world renoun hero who is typically laidback and carefree. He wouldn't instantly oppose Shadow and he has saved the world several more times than Shadow. I would think at least Ken would show respect. Plus, the "canon-not-canon" talk absolutely ruins the storyline and scene... in my opinion at least...
7/2/2018 c18 1Larry TFVW
Did you know that the main theme for the game you're alluding to, was done by Crush 40?
6/29/2018 c18 A Soiled Stain of Time
I read this story since the beginning, and I loved every chapter of it. It really shows how much development SEGA seems to be missing these days, especially with the plot hole of what Shadow was created for. The way Shadow is written in this story reminds me much of how well he was written in Sonic 06, which I think it was the last time where he showed actual character development of moving forward with his life.

Overall, a very well-written story that emphasizes Shadow's potential to become a hero to humanity.
6/29/2018 c18 Guest
I really enjoyed this story. Thank you!
6/24/2018 c17 PetsnanaG
Holly-Mowlly that chapter really touched me. I almost cried. Great job
6/17/2018 c1 11RememberYourDeath1347
Tell your fellow poles that we Germans want our Prussian land back.
5/28/2018 c12 Guest
Shadow's right, Mania has a great soundtrack.
5/5/2018 c8 Tolkam
The results of that psychoanalysis reminded me of a YouTube video by Treesicle, "Shadow Exposes Sonic's TRUE DESPAIR: The Story You Never Knew." Did you draw inspiration from this?
5/2/2018 c7 14Shadow-of-death060
Loved the chap and yep Tails and Eggman working together, will be interesting to see how that pans out. I'm also wondering what Shadow will have to face, more tests and experiments maybe? I shall keep reading to find out. Will they let Sonic out of that bubble though? A hedgehog' gotta eat, drink and use the bathroom lol now that would be amusing if Sonic had to be escorted to the toilet and embarrassing for him too...until the next update.
5/2/2018 c7 Annimo
¡Me encanta tu fanfic!
4/29/2018 c6 Shadow-of-death060
Wow loved the chapter and I did have Tails in mind but wasn't all too sure, glad he's on the team. Sonic can be a bit of a jerk especially when is stubbornness comes into, not forgetting his cocky ego. Not that I dislike sonic either of course. The fighting scene was a little expected since this is sonic and Shadow together in one area, it was bound to happen eventually but you did a gd job of it and loved the chaos spear moment, poor Tails should have not jinxed it lol. All in all I enjoyed reading this chapter and look forward to the next one.
4/26/2018 c5 Shadow-of-death060
Very exciting chapter, was on the edge of my desk chair...I do wonder who Shadow has in mind to help with Project Shadow's completion...I suppose I'll just have to keep reading to find out. Great work, I'm loving the story.
4/24/2018 c5 Tolkam
Another interesting read. I'm wondering if Shadow is going to try and recruit Tails. Tails already doesn't like Eggman, and would keep a close eye on him. Tails would also have a better idea of what the Doctor is doing in his work, and would see a betrayal coming much sooner we than the other two.
4/24/2018 c4 Shadow-of-death060
Another interesting read than you, I can't wait to find out what the Dr's reaction will be to all of this but I do sense some self gain and maybe a secret back stabbing plan from the good Dr, who knows he might do this with out wanting something in return...I'll just have to find out.
4/20/2018 c3 Shadow-of-death060
Whoa did not expect any of that to happen...Shadow kicks ass lol but hay what did you expect from the Ultimate Lifeform. Another great chapter and sorry it took so long to read but it was so worth reading. Can't wait for the next update.
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