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9/11 c3 Sciave
Honestly, if you are following the plot of the tv series then i would say jace because i didn't like the clary of the tv series at all. But if the book or movie I have no idea.
9/10 c10 3Lady Skynet
Great chapter! It's nice to see the girls with Luke again. I tink that the Magnus/Alec/Lou pairing can give very good interactions, even if it takes a while for Lou to join. However, this is your story so write what makes you happier.
9/4 c10 Annemiek
I love this story, you have a new fan!

There are not a lot of good written shadowhunter OC fics, so i am really glad i found this one.

Please stick with the Magnus/Alec/oc pairing, that would be very interesting to read. I would love to find out how their relationship would progress from now on, doensnt matter if it takes some time before Lou joins.
8/29 c10 paranormal insanity
Omg! I love Johnathan and I feel so bad for him. Everyone is always making him out to be a monster when he didn’t ask to be one in the first place. All downworlders have demon blood, it doesn’t automatically make them evil. Jocelyn abandoning him and Valentine abuse made John became who he is to survive. If anything it their fault.
Sorry for the rant. I love this story and I hope you update soon.
8/29 c10 Rose1414
I love this story!
8/22 c9 1lindylicous2
Missed this fic
8/10 c9 3Lady Skynet
This chapter is great! It's nice to see Luke with the girls again. I really like how you portray Alec because despite his issues and porcupine-like exterior he seems utterly adorable to me.
7/15 c8 Guest
love this, hope you update soon
7/11 c8 Lady Skynet
This chapter is so, so good! I love the dynamic Alec and Lou are having. Her personality is very well built and I am very interested in seeing the changes caused by her presence.
7/10 c8 Rose1414
Great chapter! I love how different this story is from the other OC Shadowhunter stories.

I don't mind waiting a while before they get together but only if there are at least some hints that they like each other. Oh and one sided pining is awful to read about. Just a tip
7/10 c8 shadowstarxy
Ah! I love the story, and your pairing ideas. I saw this story started in 2018, so I’m scared to get invested in the sorry, but it’s too late! I read this far. Can’t wait for you to update.
6/21 c7 2SunshineBubbles
Wow love this story can’t wait for the next chapter. Also I’m so down with the Alec/Magnus/oc pairing I hope you go with that lol
5/14 c7 lokittycookies
ngl jonathan/lou sounds sick & twisted but also really interesting & kinda cool at the same time
4/2 c7 Guest
Honestly I’m really hoping for a Alec/Lou/Magnus pairing! There aren’t enough of those!
4/2 c7 Ailin Amy
Story is going great! Not too sold on Lou/Magnus/Alec though... og Sebastian however, sounds like it could be amazing
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