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for The Calm After The Storm

10/9/2018 c4 25AlexisBaudens
I wonder if you will do a chapter on the couple (or one of them) who wants to have a child.
7/6/2018 c3 Bigguestinboots
You should do a longer chapter based on Alex dealing with all the scars mental and physical that he has accumulated over the last few years lol.
4/22/2018 c1 aleksandrmarston
please finish
4/15/2018 c1 34VST
Your premise sounds good and you had some good action, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t finish the chapter.

The story suffers from a number of typos (2 in the title alone) along with deficient punctuation and capitalization that makes it too difficult to read on my phone. You might want to give this a good edit and update the chapter. A beta reader might be a good idea.

Good luck with cleaning it up and continuing your story. I’m sure you have some great ideas.

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