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for Man off the Moon

10/4 c29 2TheSlySage
poor poor Nihlus good ol Shirou has destoryed your life and melded with your niece and survived lol
9/28 c9 TheSlySage
holy shit the calculatedness of this chap...

I deeply need Emiya x Shepard in this
9/21 c41 Yog-sothsoth
Your story is awesome! Hope you're alive out there
9/20 c33 Yog-sothsoth
9/19 c22 Yog-sothsoth
...what? I am confused. I kinda get where are you going withs these... "virtual aliens". I think. Or not. But even if yes, I don't understand WHY
9/18 c11 Yog-sothsoth
Wait. Since extranet connects various ppanets, can he teleport between them, like he did with the camera? That would come EXTREMELY handy
9/8 c36 1WitnessofFate
Played them like a damn fiddle lol
9/6 c21 WitnessofFate
Rereading this again and I always find it humorous how Nihlus and the salarians think all of this augmentation went into him, while I understand the truth of the matter is unbelievable their version isn’t very believable either, where would he get the money and the people to put in cybernetics that advanced into him while keeping him still looking like a regular human while also leaving behind no paper trail. Like I said I understand the truth is much more far fetched in their mind but I always find it humorous that they always chalk it up to cybernetics when in reality he’s just that good lol
9/5 c40 vinayakdj1
R I.P.
9/4 c41 6GyroJapster
Which chapter did you edit? I want to read it.
9/4 c1 Axel466
new chapter pliss
9/4 c40 fulito
I hate you author, every time a notification pop up in FF I get hope. but every time, it is just you taking those hope and crushing them.

I hate you and will see you next time because I can't wait for a new chapter.

ps: please please post a new chapter
9/4 c1 Guest
I just got a notification this updated. Imagine my disappointment.
8/15 c1 mastermini
Don’t mind me, just rereading this story for like the 20th time bc it’s one of my favorite things ever. Hope you are doing well :)
8/14 c18 Guest
I love this story about how detail it is. I do have a small problem I notice a consistent theme of sniffing and lip licking continue to crop up in the story probably except for shirou emiya. It gets kinda and makes me think why are they doing that in said situation.
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