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for Man off the Moon

2/19 c16 1DracoArtemisLeopin
I must have read this story 3 times before, and this is the first time I caught that 'Eliza' wanted to become an idol despite having no talent for it at all.

Well played, good sir. Well played.
2/11 c4 DracoArtemisLeopin
So this is what happens when two people with Eroge Protagonist EX meet...
1/25 c41 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapter.
This is interesing and i want to read more.
Sorry for the poor review.
1/12 c16 ErwinvonBeckendorf
Just hope you don’t destroy Cerberus to early.

Great story till now
1/7 c41 Danan01
I love this fic, if you are still here on this site please update this masterpiece. Having one of the best fate fics of all time die out is something I don't want to see.
11/25/2023 c2 Guest
When I read like the first two dozen chapters of this story I was entranced by how well made it is. Also I can't help but to feel pity for the corpus or empty body and how much it went through on Nameless journey so far.
11/22/2023 c41 Shinigami200
Ive read this story and its pretty good with only one real problem i have which is that some arcs overstay its welcome so i kinda just get a bit bored but its not that big of a problem and still enjoyable nonetheless
11/17/2023 c30 Shinigami200
Why would it take hin years to learn how to overload a noble phantasm with mana lmao hes been doing it before the FSN vn started l
11/5/2023 c10 Shinigami200
I like how went into depth and made your own spin on how Nameless got his armor despite it being confirmed to be some unknown material from the future
11/1/2023 c17 Guest
The multiple identities bull crap is definitely gonna get old for me soon. Hope to Christ this is the last before he's finally just one damn person.

So far this story is good, but it definitely isn't for me. I mean there are certain chapters where my brain registers a lot of what's wrote as gibberish.

But that's just cause I'm simple and I like simple things. Well unless it's a mystery story. There's a lot that is good about the writing here.

I can see why I was annoyed when I first found and read this though.
10/31/2023 c8 Guest
Can't see what problem(s) I had with this story before...
10/22/2023 c9 Guest
I was filled with hope after reading chapter 8. What a disappointment this chapter turned out to be. I continued reading a few chapters after this point, but I knew that it was only a matter of time until I dropped the story.
10/21/2023 c41 scaryskeletonxd
After many times of re-reading this and abandoning it not even finishing it. I'm proud to say that I've finally finished all of the available chapters of this amazing fanfic, I kinda regret not finishing it before because It has too much information for me to enjoy and process.
10/20/2023 c41 22ShiroGan
Still my favorite story on this cite
10/11/2023 c41 Lift the Veil
Been depressed for days coming up on this final available chapter. One of the best stories I've ever read, left to be unfinished forever. I loved the portrayal of Emiya so much from start to finish. I wish we could find the author again somehow.
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