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1/27 c1 Guest
I wouldn’t say Archer loves to be hated. But he also doesn’t come across as someone who would mind even if he was. Though, why would he be hated? Hate is such a strong word. You don’t hate! Only the unloved hate - the unloved and the unnatural!

Rin talks to Archer.. And you know...

Who could hate such a cute dork like Archer? You'd have to be a monster without any feelings!

Rin: ”Whether you knew her from your previous life or not, it’s unusual for you to be so cold to someone.”

Archer: “Is it? I think I respond to everyone in that manner.”

Rin: ”You’re the only one who thinks that. The way I see it is you’re only awkward when it comes to things relating to yourself. You’re smooth when it comes to others, so they’re easily fooled.

So have you finally remembered? Do you know which land’s Heroic Spirit you are? If you have a connection to Saber you ought to be from her era, right?”

Archer: “No, everything is still hazy. But as you say, I do have memories of this Saber. But she doesn’t seem to know me, so we couldn’t have been very close.”

What I get from this conversation is, he acts smooth, but is in fact a clumsy man. That is so cute!

Smooth on the outside, but clumsy on the inside.

This is a conversation from the UBW anime episode 12. This conversation also occurs in the visual novel.
1/27 c1 Guest
Is Archer a hated person? Does Archer love to be hated? Im confused... I need lore help someone.
1/27 c1 Guest
However, while he may speak of regret of becoming a “guardian”, the choices that he makes are always a fight for the sake of protecting others, and he is firm in confronting the danger towards the world and prioritizing his duty as a “guardian” as he throws away his own motive and interest.

So in Archer's character materials it says that he will prioritize his duties as a guardian, but he hates being a guardian... so why would he do that?

I have the answer. It's in fact referring to the heaven's feel route. This is the conversation specifically:

“and he is firm in confronting the danger towards the world and prioritizing his duty as a “guardian” as he throws away his own motive and interest.”

This line is referencing the Heaven’s Feel route where upon Archerseeing the Shadow abandons his motive and instead prioritizes defeating it.

This is what Archer says in the Heaven’s Feel route after seeing the Shadow:

Archer: "So you survived, huh? Well, you didn't touch the main body, so the most that it can do is make you ill."

Archer approaches.
Archer is expressionless even though Zouken got away, and he is the only calm one here.

Saber:"…Archer. Do you know what that shadow is?"

Archer: "Who knows? But one thing is clear. That shadow is what's been draining the life from the townspeople ever since Caster's death."

…He answers as if he's not interested.
Then Archer looks down at me, lying on the ground.

Archer: "It seems this is no time to pursue personal grudges. Isn't that right, Emiya Shirou?"


Archer: "As for what that shadow was, your intuition is correct.
…Humph. I am summoned as a Servant, but I'm to fight it after all."

Saber: "Archer…? Who are you?"

Archer: "I see. You are not a Guardian yet. Then you must not have fought something like that before. …Man, it seems I'll be doing the same thing no matter where I go."

…The knight in red beckons Tohsaka to go.
But right before they leave…

Archer:"…No, it's not that hopeless.
It has not occurred yet. I might be able to finish it beforehand, or I might end up cleaning after the event. I have a chance of stopping it this time."

He looks up at the sky and murmurs these words.

We can intuit a few things from this conversation.

Firstly: These beings similar to Angra Mainyu are targets of the Counter Force since Emiya seemed to know what was going on.

Secondly: from this conversation we know Emiya’s duties as a Guardian is to defeat these being’s similar to Angra Mainyu. What we can tell is that he is materialized and is to destroy the surrounding area, all humans included, as well as these “Shadows” that pose an existential threat to humanity.

Thirdly: Archer said he is “summoned as a Servant but I'm to fight it after all” and “I might be able to finish it beforehand, or I might end up cleaning after the event. I have a chance of stopping it this time.”

What this means is Emiya’s priority after seeing the Shadow is to stop it before his true body materializes and destroys Fuyuki City along with the Shadow.

I’m sure in a few bad ends, especially in the latter half of the heaven’s feel route, that Emiya’s true body is summoned and annihilates Fuyuki along with the Shadow.
1/26 c41 Guest
Interesting! This was a great read so far.
1/12 c1 fedfg
Just imagine someone not learning and repeating the same mistakes. What a pity.

This is just pre 5th grail war Shirou; not Emiya. The last thing Emiya would do would be to live the same life.

What a waste. You'd think he'd learned the first time but I guess not.

Still an interesting story. And you've obviously worked very hard on this. Will see what you come up with next.
1/12 c1 Guest
Nameless and EMIYA are actually the same entity.

This is what’s usually said by people who think they’re different beings:

Basically, Nameless is the result/equivalent of an EMIYA who didn’t grow bitter over his contract, since his tasks as an agent of the Moon Cell don’t clash with his ideal, unlike what he would’ve been assigned to do as an agent of Ayala…


Which then makes it very strange how often Nameless’ guardian status is pointed out in his profile.

“Please refer to the EXTRA game contents to find out why this Heroic Spirit became one of mankind’s guardians.”

And fate grand order points out in EMIYA’s profile that 'Nameless' is his true name as a heroic spirit and ‘Emiya’ is just another name he calls himself sometimes.

do people really think the counterforce would be so inefficient that it'll have two of the exact same person with the exact same abilities performing the same role? They're both “guardians” after all. Does that make sense to you?
Thank you for writing this story.
1/10 c1 Guest
A Thousand Lifetimes - Glen Campbell

This song suits Emiya quite well. :C:
1/10 c1 Guest
“Archer is…a soldier, Shirou. He may be ruthless. But he isn’t needlessly violent or cruel. You are, at times.”
1/10 c1 Guest
Emiya was known as ‘Wrought Iron Hero’. A title that had started more in jest than actually a name like the ones famous heroes received.

At the same time—Emiya was a name among the heroes of Chaldea. His knowledge and dedication on missions had been noted among his teams. But either way—the name existed because it fit.

Emiya seldom smiled. He was eternally grumpy, as some described him. But by the same token he seldom showed his temper.
1/9 c1 Archer
An ideal is only an ideal after all. As long as you embrace that ideal, the friction with reality will continue to increase. So you will someday face reality and will have to pay the price for your compromises.
1/7 c1 Guest
Why do people mock Archer? What did he do wrong?

Do people think they could live as a ‘hero of justice’ in the real world?

Why don’t they go try it out? They should stop writing and GO live as a hero of justice. I advise them to start in Africa.

I’m sure they won’t die from a stray bullet within the first week.

I’ll give a scenario.

A group of soldiers are pointing their guns at a group of civilians. You don’t know why or who these soldiers are, or even if the civilians are really civilians at all; they could be terrorists. You have a few seconds to react before the soldiers shoot to kill. What would you do? Kill the soldiers or let the civilians die?

This is just one example of the types of decisions that Archer was constantly plagued with in his 13 year tenure as a hero of justice.

The world is complicated. Too complicated for an ideal like ‘saving everyone’.

If someone actually managed to live as a hero of justice for at least 10 years without killing any soldiers, terrorists, tyrants and warlords, then not only can they mock Archer, but they'll be given absolute privilege to do so.

Archer bashers haven’t lived the life of a hero of justice so they have no right to mock Archer.

Instead of talking the talk, why don’t they walk the walk, eh?

Bunch of self righteous pretentious pricks.

This was just a public service announcement.
1/6 c41 10Primordial Inscriptor Z-09
I like it when everyone places high priorityand nultimillion assets on tracking Emiya, only to find him simply doing something utterly mundane.
1/4 c41 TigerJacob
Fuck, Saren the game was rigged from the start but I didn't think emiyas actions would have such severe repercussions.

Furthermore in the manipulated, who will Miranda's leash fall to if TIM knows where her sister is and sics daddy dearest on em.

Most excellent chapter, thanks for the read!
1/4 c1 Guest
Alternate title:
Q: How many people did Shirou Emiya willingly kill for his beliefs?

A: It depends on his circumstances.
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