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4/6 c27 15Vanessa Masters
Nooo! Not Baliya! It wasn't spice it was poison!



Stopping at a particular line in the report, he checked the video footage that had been sent to the STG vessel after they had come through the Parnitha mass relay. Two humans had stridden onto the asari cruiser, one the already familiar figure of Redhax, the other a known Cerberus operative who had also been captured and taken into custody on the disabled asari cruiser. One of Harper's had been caught, but Redhax still remained on the loose.

"Who sent this to the salarians...?"

If Redhax was working with Cerberus, why reveal his escape? Saren would have suspected touched up footage, except for the fact that the asari commandos taken into custody had confirmed the footage as actually having taken place.

Exhaling loudly, Saren rose up from his seat as he walked around on the empty CIC. So the Illusive Man wasn't behind this after all? Or had there been some disagreement, causing Redhax to part ways with the female operative? I'll have to interrogate her, first thing.

But what angle should he try for? She had not spoken a single word to the salarians who had caught her after her capture. He needed to find a crack in her shell before he could hope to gain any answers.

A record of her presence on the Citadel caught his eye, as Redhax had also been present in that event. She had nearly been caught during a party hosted by Synthetic Insights and following that her presence had been linked to the foiling of a terrorist hijack of a starliner on the following day.

Pulling out all relevant data, he eyed through it all. Finally, as he watched the security vid of the starliner incident, he noticed something.

Drawing up the passenger list on the starliner and comparing it to census information, he nodded. The turian's eyes crinkled as he found his angle.


Oh Lord,and here's Saren.
4/6 c26 Vanessa Masters


Hmm," he voiced noncommittally before stopping and crossing his arms. "And if I choose not to come with you after this? Does the offer of letting me walk still stand?"

She blinked, narrowing her eyes at him as she turned around to face him. They stood alone in an empty well-lit corridor, with five meters between them.

Slowly the pleasant expression drained out of her and what remained was only a cold calculating stare.

"That's no longer an option, Emiya."

And there it is. Okay, time for plan B. He raised an eyebrow, not exactly surprised that he had been found out but neither willing to simply take the bait. He did though focus on the cruiser's security systems, pulling out a short recording of him and Miranda entering the cruiser from the corvette and sending it out as a tightbeam transmission to the STG starship. A second later it was hailing the cruiser he was aboard again, no doubt making inquiries as to why they had been lied to moments before when they had asked about Tela Vasir's ship.

"And why not? The deal was simple, wasn't it? You get me out, I show you how the eezo is made."

"Don't bother, I know it's you." She shook her head, ignoring his words. "I wondered, why would you send me away to pick up your brother if you had a ship. It only started to make sense afterwards. You were actually stuck where I picked you up. That white-haired you was nothing more than a mirage, a projection of some kind.

"It clicked when we made it to Ulee, once the trace on you came right back to me. The way you managed to become 'Redhax' was due to the operation you had on the Citadel. Even if the salarians have kept a tight lid on the specifics, I think I have figured it out. You can hack things without an omnitool, can't you?"

He blinked and she laughed.

"Surprised that I knew about that, are you?" She smirked.

Actually, he had forgotten that the STG had tried to cover up the entire incident. The fact that she hadn't even known about his cybernetic implants was what was surprising, since after their first meeting on Thessia he was sure she should have suspected it.

"And then the incident at Trellani. I thought at first—for just a moment, mind you—that you had some profound insight to offer about her when you said you were disappointed. That you had expected something of me. But no, you were merely bluffing, weren't you? You have a bad habit of telling the truth when you should lie, you know? You admitted to never having even so much of heard of her before, didn't you? You went in completely blind, trusting me to protect you. I am really quite flattered that I managed to make such an impression," she said with a laugh.

Huh, she really is gloating, isn't she? She's had this chip on her shoulder for a while. Well, that's fine by me, he thought as he said nothing while putting the finishing touches to his counter-stroke.

"You were there the whole time, awake through it all, weren't you?" She asked, gleefully drilling with her eyes for a reaction from him. "Weren't you, Emiya?"

"...Not really following you here, Miranda. What's your plan, exactly?"

There was a second's pause and then she sighed with a shrug.

She raised her arms, showing the hallway's walls. "I'm sure the asari captain would also like to know, given that she must have no idea what's going on right now."


Uh oh and him with a damaged spirit core..
4/6 c25 Vanessa Masters
Damn that Casa.


Huh, is this how I die...?

"Guess you won't live without a trauma team... Won't be able to interrogate you like this... Fucking amateur, couldn't you at least form a proper Barrier?" She was being shaken by the Spectre and it was making her nauseous and dizzy. "Damn it. I'll have to do this the quick and dirty way..."

Suddenly, there was a red-hot knife pushing through her forehead deep into her skull. Gasping for breath, she felt like she was being torn apart from the inside by a hundred thousand hooks digging into her skin. A blizzard of noise tore at her eyes and then...

What the—hell?

It wasn't her thought, it was hers. Suddenly, Tyra felt like a veil was being pulled back from over her mind. She realized she was drinking in something from Vasir—The Spectre had tried to reach in and pull something out from her mind, but in doing so had gone too deep and left herself completely open for Tyra's metaphorical hands to grab onto her.

Metaphorical hands that Vasir did not possess for whatever reason, and regardless of how feeble and weakened Tyra felt she knew that this was her only chance.

Through that grasp, she could feel strength pouring back into her. Like a hot buzz, running through her veins and mind at once. She could see herself and she could see herself for an instant as two minds became one involuntarily.

Ardat Yakshi?!

That was her thought again, and she began to forcefully pull away with that realization. Tyra understood suddenly what that meant, and the monumental change to everything it made. But at that moment it was immaterial; she had to hold on, to grab everything she could before—

Like a spinning wheel, for a moment she didn't know who she was. Then her self felt itself clicking back into her,as the wounded Maiden across from her was struggling with the same.

"Gah!" Vasir shouted, throwing back the asari she had grabbed as she took two wobbly steps back. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, with her entire body feeling like she had been doused in boiling oil. But she wasn't dead. That meant she would be fine; she knew cases like this well enough from even before her days as a Spectre. If it isn't immediately fatal, you would be fine. That was the rule of thumb with asari on the Ardat Yakshi spectrum.

And it hurt.

That was even better. If it felt good then there was nothing to be done; the Ardat Yakshi was simply too strong to be fought off then. Breathing heavily, the Spectre tried to calm herself. If she was a real Ardat Yakshi, I would be dead already! Calm down, calm down. She's just on the spectrum, I'm fine. I'm fine...

Vasir took another wobbly step back. As long as she could control herself and keep a handle on things, everything would be fine until a few hours from now she would crash and fall unconscious for days. She just needed to wrap things up here; it was fine. It was fin—

A hand reached out and grabbed her arm, causing a jolt of electricity-like sensations to spread through Vasir's limbs as she gasped. Eyes met, as Tyra managed to somehow stand upright again. It wasn't that her wounds were healed or that she had recovered, rather it was just that she had received a jolt of adrenaline and mental fortitude sufficient to ignore the pain and blood loss enough to keep moving.

Gah, she's still moving! Vasir tried to exert force through her hands to throw off Tyra, but she barely managed to brace herself as the asari threw herself forward, bringing both down onto the ground. Fuck!


I suspected this! Damn.

Also, miles Tela, tela had a cohort, who gets her neck snapped. Thank God, so liara, Tyra and Baliya are safe.

Until the space station crushed into Theseus, but Emiya averts it.
4/6 c24 Vanessa Masters
Holy damn! Trapped with the shadow brokers agent, damn. Liara and Tyra, you girls hold on!

so that's spectres, cerberus, justicar AND the broker. Damn. And now hosin is threatening to crash into theseus.

4/6 c23 Vanessa Masters
I'm going crazy, so many anes and it's got me so excited!
4/6 c22 Vanessa Masters
Nihlus listened without interruption, even as his talons itched to do something.

"As the ship was boarded it became apparent that it had no facilities for any kind of living beings. The ship had no life-support systems or other necessities for a crew. Yet it was obviously not any automated reconnaissance or scout ship either, as it was simply too overdimensioned to be something like that. It took the STG investigators some years to discover the true nature of the ship, after effort had been expended into decrypting the numerous computers on board.

"They found that it had been a last-ditch effort to survive by a civilization whose home system had been destroyed in a supernova."

"Wait, how...?"

Jondum hesitated, before leaning in to speak as quietly as he could. "The leading theory is that they somehow managed to upload their minds into the computers, hoping to use the numerous servers as some form of virtual world for themselves until they could escape their system."

The Spectre felt his blood run cold. "And you think Shirou Emiya might be a survivor from that vessel?"

Jondum did not deny it, though it was not a confirmation either. Instead, he continued speaking. "By referencing the heading of the ghost ship, it was noted that it could have also been headed for Arcturus."

"And if these aliens, the..."

"There is no official name, but the investigators have taken to calling them virtual aliens." Jondum supplied.

"These virtual aliens knew that they would run out of power, they would attempt to do something about it, wouldn't they? Something like sending a smaller, faster ship with the last of their power in hopes of perhaps letting some of their kind survive?" Nihlus supposed.

"It's possible, though so far very little proof has been found. But given what we have been able to piece together of their technology, we believe it might be possible."


Huh is this ship actually found her toEmiya?

And when we he ever confess the truth, about the trail wFs, and so forth?
4/6 c1 Guest
Indeed. While Medusa has a tragic past, in the end, she became a monster of her own free will and decided to act as one. I don’t understand that logic myself… but whatever. Her past does not justify her monstrous actions as a Servant in the Grail war. If she wants to be a monster of her own free will, why should anyone have any sympathy for her? Medusa could be virtuous and righteous if she wanted to be. She chooses to be bad.

Sakura is different though. Sakura doesn’t want to be a monster, she is being forced to become a monster through the will of another.

A lot of People say Emiya needs character development, but it’s actually Medusa who needs the character development.
4/6 c21 Vanessa Masters
"Where is she!" The Matriarch shouted at her. "Bring out Shiawe before I throw you out the nearest window and slap you with a singularity before you hit the ground!"

"Shiawe?" Tela parroted, suddenly utterly lost as to what was going on before making the connection. "The asari commandos we arrested?"

"Yeah, those. They're working for Matriarch Benezia, she can vouch for their conduct, so you better hand her over." The Matriarch said, shaking Tela once.

Fuck's sake, this is like trying to talk to a krogan! What is wrong with her?!

"Ah, eh, could you tell me what they were doing here?" She tried to ask.

"None of your business, now hand them over and tell me where the son of a bitch took Liara T'soni!"


Suddenly, it felt like all the pieces fell into place. T'soni, T'soni, T'soni. She had been repeating the name under her breath for days, trying to figure out where she had heard it before. The asari brat who was stubbornly being reticent at every question. She hadn't thought to do a more thorough check of her identity until now, since there had been too much going on and the plan had been taking too much of her attention. It was only now she made the connection to Matriarch Benezia—formerly Benezia T'soni. And at the same time, she recalled the rumors of a pureblood daughter the famed spiritual leader had birthed, drawing a connection to this other famed Matriarch who had long been one of Benezia's staunchest allies.

In the moment, she knew exactly what she had to do.

Turning to her subordinate who was hesitantly watching by, Tela spoke; "Release the prisoners and give back their equipment at once!"

"Huh, guess you aren't that stupid after all." The Matriarch said, nodding as she let down Tela.

She put a distressed expression on, reaching out with a hand for the Matriarch. "I understand that you must do what you must, Matriarch. But I ask that you not interfere or pursue the criminal we are after. Another Spectre—Nihlus Kryik, one of the finest turians in the galaxy—is already on their trail, and—"


Damn. And Emiya has a justicar on one end, spectres on the other and Cerberus on the other.

So intense! How will this turn out!?
4/6 c1 Guest
I’d like to elaborate on the posts below.

lparchive. org (slash) Fatestay-night (slash) Update%20199 (slash)

"And Caster, let me warn you. Do not consider all Servants to be like you.
At the very least, Saber and Berserker were satisfied with their Masters. A righteous hero can only be summoned by righteous people."

"…Heh, why tell me that now? A twisted Master calls for twisted heroic spirits. You do not need to tell me that."
…That is right. Servants are determined by their summoners.
Summoners with dark shadows in their mind cannot summon heroic spirits who are on the light side.

In this interlude when Emiya said ‘righteous’ he was saying that Artoria Pendragon (Saber) and Heracles (Berserker) are righteous. Subsequently, he was also saying that Emiya Shirou and Illya are righteous people as well. Like summons like.

By no means was Emiya saying that Medea or Medusa are righteous Heroes.

Medusa and Medea are definitely Anti Heroes. But, while Medusa can be a true monster when in the right situation, Medea has a higher moral standard than Medusa.

If summoned by a sinister master, Medusa will also be sinister. At least Medea has standards.

Here's a scenario:

Medusa is summoned by Uryuu Ryuunosuke.

When summoned, her first action would be to wait for orders. If Ryuunosuke ordered her to kill the child, she would without any hesitation. If Ryuunosuke ordered her to kill a thousand children, she would do so without hesitation. She wouldn’t like the orders of course, but she wouldn’t mind either.

If Medusa were summoned by someone gentle like Sakura, and unless Sakura gave her any malicious orders, she wouldn’t go around and make it her duty to hurt people. Unless it’s for Sakura’s life.

Medea is summoned by Uryuu Ryuunosuke.

When summoned, her first action would be to look around and probably say, “How wasteful”. She would then turn Ryuunosuke into her puppet, free the child, wipe the memory of her summoning, and send him to the appropriate facility. She then go to the Ryūdō Temple where she would collect magical energy(without killing anyone. People would simply collapse) and plan and turtle until the time is right.

Emiya is summoned by Uryuu Ryuunosuke.

When summoned, his first action would be to sigh explosively and walk to Ryuunosuke, and put him to sleep. He would free the child, wipe the memory of his summoning, and send him to the appropriate facility. He would then place a bounded field over the murder scene and turn Ryuunosuke into a meat anchor(Permanently asleep). He would then spend the rest of the Grail war making sure the civilian population wasn’t being caught up in the war and doing his best in regards to making sure everything was fine and everyone was safe. If he survives to the end, he would either kill Ryuunosuke, or place him back in the murder scene and call the police.

Oh yeah. Might as well ask the question.

Why didn’t Emiya save Sakura?

Emiya neither saved Sakura nor did he kill her. Emiya has a duty to protect his master first before other masters. If it affected another Master, he would stay neutral in a situation like the HF route. Whatever his Master decides, whether to save or not, he will follow along. Just like Medusa prioritizes Sakura’s life over everyone’s, Emiya would prioritize Rin’s life over everyone's.

It’s equal. It’s fair.

Emiya did support Shirou in the end. Medusa wouldn’t even try to save Rin if she was in Sakura’s situation. Medusa would most definitely try her best to kill Rin for Sakura’s safety. Emiya himself wasn’t in a rush to do anything with Sakura. He was just standing around waiting for his Master’s decision.

And Emiya wasn't actually trying to kill Sakura, it was more like he was trying to help stabilize her.

lparchive. org (slash) Fatestay-night (slash) Update%20307 (slash)

"Get away from here. You will not be able to restore her if you feed her without care."
Archer pushes me back and says something strange.

“You will not be able to restore her if you feed her without care.”

"…Oh. So you will stand there and let your master die? Your Master is using up magical energy at a high rate. Do you understand that she will certainly die if you leave her alone?"

From these lines we can actually see Emiya wanted to save Sakura.

But Medusa didn’t trust Emiya and instead decided to sacrifice Rin and Shirou to save Sakura.

"No. She can avoid death if she takes in more magical energy than she loses.
Fortunately, there are two magi here. Shinji escaped, but they cannot escape now. I shall take your Master before Sakura is consumed."

“Heh. So your character doesn’t change even with a new master, huh?”
4/5 c20 Vanessa Masters
Oh no, poor hosin, and that Tela, ugh!
4/5 c19 Vanessa Masters
Oh no, Liara and her friend are in the wrong place at wrong time, Einya has a tiny little stowaway, and after dealing with batatians, there's justicar problem!
4/5 c18 Vanessa Masters
Shepard is out and about, assisting the press

Walking out of the Tristar, Hosin was there to greet him. Emiya nodded at the quarian, as Hoana came walking out behind him.

"Oh, there you are, papa was looking for you," Hosin said, crouching down as the little asari ran up to him. As he was expecting a hug, he seemed utterly nonplussed as she extended her hand to show the clear plastic bag she was holding instead.

Emiya almost barked a laugh at the two blinking dots of light behind that visor; the flabbergasted expression clearly visible even through the visor.



Oh, Miranda wants revenge, kinda, she isn't seeking it. But she'll be there if he's cornered.

And Liara needs to confirm, or disprove what Emiya said.
4/4 c1 Guest
Sakura resembles Medusa and Medea. These tragic people are victims.

Is Medusa evil?

No. If we look at the story as told by Ovid in his Metamorphoses, Medusa is more than anything else a victim.
I should mention that Ovid appended this tale to a much older Greek story about Perseus, aided by Athena, slaying Medusa. Until Ovid came along, AFAIK the story of how Medusa came to become a monster was untold.

Anyway, back to Metamorphoses. In this version of Medusa’s story, she is an incredibly beautiful woman who IIRC is a priestess in the Temple of Minerva(Athena).
This priestess catches the eye of Neptune(Poseidon), and Neptune of course decides he has to have her. So he rapes her, right there in the Temple.

Now this is an act of sacrilege deserving of the strictest possible punishment - desecrating a Temple.
Along comes Minerva herself, and of course she’s pissed.
Neptune(the rapist, the one actually guilty of desecration), being her uncle as well as a God, gets a free pass.
So Medusa, the victim, is punished by Minerva, who turns her into a monster - changing her hair into serpents, and transforming her beautiful face into one so horrifying to behold that the mere sight of it would turn a man to stone.

Along comes Perseus, who is sent by King Polydectes to kill Medusa and bring back her head. Athena/Minerva, along with Mercury/Hermes and Pluto/Hades, give him stuff to help him kill her.
He succeeds, of course, and the story tells us that this is a good thing. After using the head to turn Polydectes himself to stone, Perseus then gives it to Athena, who puts it on her shield.

Contrary to popular misconception, Medusa wasn’t some villain in the myths. She is tragic.

And Medusa killed those Heroes who arrived at her island in self defense. She is allowed to defend herself.
4/4 c1 Guest
So I come back to see some guys 12 and 13 squares down saying Sakura is Evil. They didn’t even bother to give any evidence or citations.

Here we go again.

My post 19 squares down is 100% correct. I put quite a bit of effort to research for it. But I can add even more to it.

Firstly we must ask the question: Is Sakura Evil? Does Sakura go out of her way to cause other people suffering for her own amusement? Is Sakura actually Kotomine Kirei!?

Sakura in the grail war was being manipulated by Zouken. The worms he implanted in her body can be controlled by him to quickly drain her of mana which will make her go berserk.

But there’s even more to it. If Sakura doesn’t get mana to fill what has been lost: she will die.

Ultimately she was given a choice: To die, or to live.

Imagine this situation:
A man gives you a button and that same man has planted bombs inside your body. You're strapped down and the only thing you can do is press the button.

The man says, ”If you press the button 100,000 people will die. If you don’t press the button you will die.”

That is Sakura’s situation. She is trapped by Zouken, and it’s either she kills herself to save people she doesn’t even know, or kills people she doesn’t know to live.

99% of people would choose the latter. A very very small minority would choose the former. Fate, UBW, and Emiya would choose the latter. Post HF Shirou would choose the former as he now lives and sacrifices himself only for Sakura.

lparchive. org (slash) Fatestay-night (slash) Update%20311 (slash)

"You are finally awake. Do I need to explain to you what is going on, Matou Sakura?"
"…No. It's my body. I know all about it."
She answers simply.
She does not focus on him, but on the sound of the rain against the walls.

"All right. Then get changed quickly. Tohsaka Rin and Emiya Shirou are waiting in the next room. We have to explain your situation to them. You cannot run after that if you are naked, right?"
"…Are you going to let me run away?"
"That is your decision. I merely helped you. It is not for me to plan your actions for you.
Well, it was a waste for me to save you if you die. I do want you to remain until the very end, though."

"…Why is that?"
"It is more fun that way. Tohsaka Rin and Emiya Shirou will suffer more if you live. It is delightful the more sufferers there are."

Some people use this interlude as “evidence” that Sakura is Evil and doing everything willingly.

I’ll translate the meaning of this conversation.

When Sakura says "…No. It's my body. I know all about it."

She isn’t admitting to be some Evil mastermind. She is simply saying that she knows that her body is infested with worms and she can be controlled to go berserk at any moment.

When Sakura says "…Are you going to let me run away?"

She is wondering why the priest, who knows she is literally a WMD, isn’t just straight up killing her. Another priest would have.

Kirei leaves her alive because he knows that as long as she exists, she will cause people harm. Sakura does not want to harm people if she doesn't have to, but as long as she is alive she will. And she wants to keep living. She doesn't want to die.

lparchive. org (slash) Fatestay-night (slash) Update%20312 (slash)

“She has to absorb other people's magical energy to survive…!”
"How could I not? If this were just about Sakura, there'd be hope. But it's not, is it? That damn old man holds her life, and she's his puppet as long as he lives.
Do you think he's ever going to let her go?"

This line means that Zouken can make her go Berserk at any moment. Sakura has no control.

“She will have no problem living normally, but Zouken can easily drive her berserk.
That old man can force her to fight, whether she wants to or not. In short, she is a bomb with a lit fuse."

lparchive. org (slash) Fatestay-night (slash) Update%20312 (slash)

"…Tohsaka-Senpai is right. I'm a coward, I'm a crybaby, I'm selfish… I knew this was going to happen, but I couldn't disobey my grandfather or end it myself. I didn't want to be hurt or scared, and I value myself more than others, so I couldn't find the courage to kill myself…!"

lparchive. org (slash) Fatestay-night (slash) Update%20354 (slash)

"She will follow her instincts to feed on people, and destroy herself from overeating."

As I said in my other post, Sakura's mind is being restrained by Angra Mainyu. She isn't willing.

It's just like Archer said in the UBW interlude.

And Caster, let me warn you. Do not consider all Servants to be like you.
At the very least, Saber and Berserker were satisfied with their Masters. A righteous hero can only be summoned by righteous people."

Like summons like. Sakura Summoned Medusa because their stories are similar.

Medusa doesn’t go out of her way to harm people.

Sakura’s story greatly resembles the stories of Medusa and Medea.

Medea (Sakura) was controlled by the Gods (Zouken) to do their bidding and create many atrocities for their own ends. Sakura became a monster not of her own free will, but of the will of a more powerful entity who had complete control over her.

Manipulated from beginning to end.

If Sakura is evil because she wants to live, then we are all evil.

If Emiya Shirou is evil for protecting the one he loves, then we are all evil.
4/3 c17 Vanessa Masters
So, little face a Asari had a turian father?

Look! Liara!

And Miranda,oh.

There's Mordin again, and Emiya finding more questions and hurdles than answers.
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