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for Shadow in the Force: an Empire at War

1/28/2020 c6 Immage
This is the best written Warhammer 40k/Star Wars crossover I've read.
9/20/2019 c4 TLau18
Finally a good 40k crossover fic that isn't wank and is written by someone who obviously knows their shit. Please continue this! This story has so much potential. Focus on politics as well and explore on the effects of a Tyranid invasion on the government and society. This war could actually legitimise the Galactic Empire in the eyes of its citizens as a empire that could protect its citizens.

Just keep in mind, Star Wars FTL is faster than 40k so use that as a advantage the GE would possess.
3/25/2019 c6 Hakuryuu
Another chapter, brief but good and most important, you have not forgotten the story or how the Star Wars and Warhammer 40K universes work.

Will Vader and Tarkin survive? Will Tarkin make a case to his advisors to escape on his ship?

The empire urgently needs Grand Admiral Thrawn, I hope he is analyzing everything that is happening and looking to counteract it and the rebellion ... at the moment I do not know what they could do.

See you, and I hope another exciting chapter of this great fic.

3/24/2019 c6 AyeJimmy123
3/23/2019 c6 thefoolswriter
ooh its defiantly getting intrusting great chapter please keep up the excellent work
3/23/2019 c6 13Nexus Gundam
They are doomed. They are nothing more than food for the Great Devourer
3/2/2019 c5 Unaies98
excellent fanfiction presenting the tyranids as a threat without having it be a stomp eagerly awaiting for more
3/1/2019 c5 Hakuryuu
The chapter was extremely short, full of action and we saw the damage that the Tyranids caused to the empire, considering it was a small-scale battle it was good for the empire to triumph in that way.

Tarkin will give priority to the rebellion and pass to the background this new threat surely, will have to spend more planets consume, because even if there were risings of Genestealer cults would first be associated with rebellion.

Palpatine, we'll see what he'll do, the same I wonder about Vader and Grand Admiral Thrawn (he would take it more seriously, Tarkin is not stupid but Thraw would be more threatening to analyze it in his own way).

You are good at narrating fics and there is a short interval between chapters compared to others.
It continues in that way, although one or another chapter a little longer would not be a bad thing.
2/27/2019 c5 thefoolswriter
thanks for the chapter
2/24/2019 c4 AyeJimmy123
2/19/2019 c4 5TheVampireStrahd
Wow a new chapter. The Empire has no idea what is coming. They are not prepared.
2/19/2019 c2 thefoolswriter
if only he knew what was to come great job keep it up
2/19/2019 c1 thefoolswriter
good opening chapter I hope you complete this as tyranid fics are non existent
2/19/2019 c3 Hakuryuu
Incredible fic, it's good that I found it. Instead of reviewing all the chapters I will limit myself to review the latter:

- Certainly there have been some online vs Tyranids vs Yuuzang Vong and while these give fight, the Tyranids end up winning.

- The new galactic empire (they were no longer remains without power, they had already been rebuilt) I have a very bad time against the Yuuzan Vong, they say that the empire could find them but the Tyranids are on another level, the only thing that the empire has to its please is the Death star, even so it would not be enough.

-I like how you have connected the warp with force, so then we avoid future problems. As well as the inquisitor, I do not think it will serve much now his mind is destroyed.

- How advanced are the Genestaler cults? there must already be several possibly on the outer edge and some in the middle, even worse because there is so much variety of species go even more unnoticed.

-Yoda and Palpatine have already felt a shadow in the force? even a slight alteration?

Well see you, I hope you continue with this fic
12/18/2018 c4 Guest
so the sith knows a bit about the tyranids via the genestealer cults. Darth Sidious will surely use them as a outside enemy to unite the Empire and cast the rebels as the true terrorists and traitors.
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