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for Make or Break: The 49th Annual Hunger Games

7/16 c39 16CragmiteBlaster
Solid start to the 'real' arena phase of the story. Liking how the action is remaining high and frequent, though with so many tributes alive it only makes sense. With Wren now having a pair of those special sunglasses and being willing to fight for her life, I've no doubt the action won't be slowing down any time soon.

I feel like the career pack aren't going to be working as a cohesive team this team, mainly because of Concord. It's sort of like a double sided coin; if he is alive then they are stronger in fights but cannot work together (and he may betray one or two of them, eep), but without him they work together better yet lose a decent fighter. Honestly, in their shoes I'd take him out sooner than later - alliance stability is vital in the early-Games. Honestly, I think both Brielle and Tyr had the right idea staying behind for now - whatever unfolds on night one, they shan't suffer for it.

Gotta say, I didn't expect Arin to make the first kill of the non-careers. I knew she was very much here to play, if not a life that's not her own, but yikes! I wonder if the Fives' alliance will hold if she keeps on doing that, because Brax clearly ain't a fan. As for Capricorn, after his alliances' deaths I'd thought he'd keep on going and would outlast them thanks to Annie's sacrafice. A shame, because honestly he'd be fun. Cute. A nice presence.

Awesome to see that Woolworth recieved a sponsor, and so soon as well! With those knives, I feel like he and his allies will probably make it through the first night just fine. The question is, just how long can Woolworth keep Leah and Marigold safe? For that matter, can they help him to help themselves too? I guess we'll see soon enough, but I like their odds right now.

Good start to the arena! As for who bites it next, honestly I'm unsure... sadly, my gut feels it might be Bugg. :(
7/6 c39 2Very New To This
Great chapter as always! Can't wait for the first night in the Arena to learn more about mutts, traps, and other things!
7/6 c38 16CragmiteBlaster
The Games are off with a bang! Certainly a smaller bloodbath than I had expected - the smallest i can recall reading in something was around 6 or 7 - but it made sense with the arena, the supplies and the tributes themselves being who and what they are.

Some solid action here, espesially from Pascal. Shame he died when he did; it really seemed for a moment that he was going to take down a career by himself, even if it was the 'weakest' career. Honestly I'd call him the biggest loss thus far. Though of the four who went down, I'll miss Annie too; still, at least she was able to go out on her own terms to a degree and spared an ally, at least for now.

It was nice that each tribute got some mention of what they were doing, whether it was brief or notable. Nicer still that all three of my tributes managed to survive the opening frenzy; I'd wholly expected at least one of them to bite it, so small bodycount or not, feels good they all made it!

Solid work!
7/3 c38 2Very New To This
Great chapter and Bloodbath as always!

After Loraire said what the Arena is like, it makes sense that the Bloodbath is not really large. It's not often that 11 tributes fled from the Bloodbath. As for the deaths, out of them all I think I'll miss Pascal the most. He was so close to killing Dylan and he had a lot of fight. RIP to Uriah, Annie, Pascal, and Haylo.

I also prefer the confirmed deaths mid chapter. It's really unique and it's easy for readers to know which part of the chapter a tribute dies.
6/3 c37 16CragmiteBlaster
Great to see another chapter of this. The tension is real with the Games so very close! Seeing them play out in 3rd person should be interesting; I'm more used to reading them in 1st person and kinda prefer it that way, but I'm sure you'll be able to make it work.

Nice final POV's from the tributes here. Makes me wonder if this is truly the last we'll see of some of them. Honestly, it likely will be. Some good lead-ups and last minute tension building going on here; nobody's POV felt like it didn't add anything. I'd say the highlights were:

- Breille having nothing to lose for sure makes her dangerous. That said, I feel the bigger danger is Concord. Not only for his sheer power, but his inability to work ín a team and the liklihood of betraying his allies too early. Justus is right to be worried; either Concord kills a career or he ends up getting cucked by an outlier through his own arrogance. Maybe Bones? Guess we'll see.

- Pascal's plan ought to be great to see if it ends up working as planned. I expect it'll be something really cool, and graphic. Still, getting the wire is the issue here. I feel like he's running into a slaughter - likely his own. He's gonna need the optimial launch point.

- Loving seeing more of Bones; insane and feral as she is, she could be one to watch. High score, sheer lack of fear, she's just ate and thus will be among the last to starve - I'm rooting for her! Love how even now of all times her biggest concern is eating meat, and that her main reservation against killing is thinking people would taste bad, haha.

- Kolten's narration has certainly taken an unnerving turn as late. I feel he's a lot more capable of killing, or worse, than has been seemingly apparent before. This narration reeked of sinister intent and perhaps even foreshadowing of particularly bloody kills. I don't expect Kolten to dissapoint.

Nice to see a forest arena. Always a neat biome of wildlife, hiding places and enough natural food / water to prevent a Games wrapping up too quickly. Looking forward to seeing more of the arena be revealed and what secrets / traps it holds further away from the cornucopia.

So, as I do every time a SYOT reaches the arena, time to guess who I think will live past the bloodbath and fall amidst the carnage. I don't expect to be fully accurate, but perhaps I might be partially accurate? I guess we'll soon see.

LIVES: Brielle, Concord, Bellona, Kendell, Dylan, Brax, Wren, Aspen, Leah, Woolworth, Bones, Uriah, Kolten
DIES: Tyr, Bugg, Pascal, Arin, Barbara, Capricorn, Marigold, Mason, Haylo, Amira, Annie
6/2 c37 2Very New To This
Great chapter as always! Now, is it okay if you describe the Arena a bit more. I know that the Cornucopia is on top of a hill and that there are tall trees surrounding the middle, but I just want a little more detail, just in case. Anyways, love reading about the interactions the tributes had with their mentors before they enter the Arena. Can't wait for the Bloodbath! :)
6/2 c36 Very New To This
Great chapter as always! Love how each tribute handles the approaching Games and all. Glad you're still interested in finishing this story. :)
5/26 c36 16CragmiteBlaster
Glad to see this one's being continued - missed reading about these tributes! Had to reread from the start to refresh myself on everything and the overall cast are just as fun as I remembered. 3

Overall liking the attention most of the tributes got in this chapter; the different approaches to the looming bloodbath, the different alliances, even the plans of the stragglers on their own - plenty to speculate over. Honestly, it's proving hard to make solid predictions on who will live longer and who will fall quickly.

I feel Concord's arrogance will set him up for a fall. Maybe even by Bones; they did score the same, and she's both vicious and distinctly not afraid. On a similar note, I feel like it could spell bad news for both of the Fives if Brax intends to run into the fray - even at the outer edges it could quickly become very dangerous. Plus, as much as I like him, I think trying to smuggle anything but his token into the arena may end up very badly for Aspen.

On a brighter note, really liking that Woolworth is looking out for Leah and Marigold as much as he can. He may not be able to save them, but at least he may prolong their lives; maybe even long enough to save his own? If anybody may be able to overpower a career one on one, I feel like he could. Similarly, loving that Capricorn is staying positive - honestly, that could help more than one may think! More than how defeatist Barbara is being at least.

Again, glad to see this fic coming back and looking forward to the last pre-arena chapter, and of course what will unfold beyond it. Hoping that Bugg, Woolworth and Bones might stand a chance. Cheers!
1/16/2021 c35 2Very New To This
Man, I am really hoping that Pascal, Haylo, Brax, Mason, Woolworth, Capricorn, and all the other tributes I like I survive. Though, I know I have to brace myself for some unexpected deaths. Anyways, two chapters before the Bloodbath begins, super excited! :) Along with this review, I've also followed this story now. So... I guess I now have 180 points, right?
1/16/2021 c35 16CragmiteBlaster
Great to see another chapter of this one! With the Games section looming ever closer the hype is exactly that much more intense than before. With 2 chapters until the Games begin I'd assume a chapter about waking up the hovercraft ride to the arena and then a chapter in the launch rooms?

Some good scenes here overall. Tyr proves himself as quite humane despite being trained as a killer.

Bugg, I think, has the right idea in not going to the cornucopia which might get Pascal killed all too easily, I fear.

Not so much to say for Kendell, 'cept that she seems ready to go and could be a serious threat to watch.

I feel it's interesting that Arin is so ready to die and save Brax, while Brax himself is really not OK with this even if the deal favours him. It begs the question... what if Brax is launched into the arena far from Arin and is dead before she can do a thing? What would Arin do then?

I'm rooting for Capricorn to go the distance, but it'll be a hell of an uphill battle. I feel his alliance might not last, nor will his district partner at this rate. Best of luck to him, he'll need it.

Poor Leah, she's really struggling to keep up with the rest of the tributes. I feel like she might end up trying to run in and grab supplies for her alliance in an effort to help, only to be taken down in the attempt. Woolworth may be saying goodbye to her sooner than later. T_T

Mason is for sure gonna end up as a victor prostitute if he wins. I guess he could likely handle it better than many others could, he basically says it himself, but all the same it's no way to live.

Poor Haylo, I feel like he's gonna be among the first few to go down at the cornucopia. At least Bones is treating him nicely and being sweet to him. On which note, loved seeing Bones hoarding so much candy. :D

Nice scene for Annie. I don't have a ton to say, exactly, but it was wholesome. Hoping the best for her.

Good work overall. Looking forward to more. :)
11/21/2020 c34 2Very New To This
All the outfits worn by the tributes are really interesting. It’s not surprising that Mason and Kolten would try to flirt with Piper. Speaking of Piper, I like her reactions to the tributes and their outfits.
11/21/2020 c33 Very New To This
The most surprising score to me was Marigold getting a seven, I’d expected her to get much lower. Surprised Bugg didn’t do something with wires and tech, then maybe she wouldn’t get a bad score. If Mason hadn’t took some of his time in his session to show his abs and stuff, he would’ve gotten higher. The Careers and Bones score aren’t surprising,
11/21/2020 c32 Very New To This
Quick thoughts: If I was Barbara, I would just use weapons on the dummies in training. I feel like that’s a better way not to reveal your anger. I wonder if the special door Aspen saw is just a hallucination. Now I know that Wren can defend herself. Haylo’s a goner for sure. Bones is going to be deadly in the arena. For Amira, it’s good that she observed her competition.
11/21/2020 c31 Very New To This
With Capricorn, Uriah, and Annie in an alliance, their odds of survival have increased. Though I’m guessing one or two of them will die in the Bloodbath.
11/21/2020 c30 Very New To This
Hmm, with Leah and Marigold with Woolworth their odds of living for a few days will increase, as Woolworth may seem strong enough to defend them.
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