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for For a Moment What He Was

4/16/2018 c1 Ashfire28
Awesome! I've been looking for more Gabriel fanfiction now that's he's back on again. I think I'm kind of obsessed lol. It's also hard to find things that don't just concentrate on making it Sabriel. I agree they really shouldn't have just thrown that am at him at once and expected anything different then what they got. Also considering he never wanted to fight his family, and they want him because he can be useful and because of his grace they should have given him time to adjust or let him get more restful of them. To be honest he had a point. God is the one that created things, not the angels, and he turned his back first. I need to see some Gabriel /Chuck moments where his father at least apologizes and recognizes Gabriel for the good guy he's actually been compared to his brothers even if he wasn't the favored son, he just wants his family together but got kind of acrewed on that one. It would be cool if God upgraded his power like he did for Cas because he wants him to be the one to take over heaven or something. Honestly Gabriel is the only one really right for it. Doesn't want it, is ok with humans, and Cas is needed more with the boys it wouldn't be good to take him away from them. Anywho looking forward to the episode in 2 weeks when he's back on. Till then I nees my Gabriel fix! Thanks for posting. Ps. I wonder if God knows of this hiding spot, or if he even cared enough to check on him...
4/16/2018 c1 Kathy
Interesting POV, good look at his thoughts and feelings and where he fled too, more please
4/16/2018 c1 331983Sarah
Very good. I was kinda mad he left, but this puts it into a lot of perspective! Great work!

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