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8/14 c19 ACasualPotato
*is visibly amused*

Thank you for the update and please continue to do so.
8/13 c19 RandomR15
Well the sun does burn off the mist so...
8/13 c19 1Princess of the Phoenix
Damn that's cold! I feel bad for Ryohei but I get where Shizuka is coming from.
8/13 c19 3TekoloKuautli
Ahahaha now, a field trip where there was no chaos? That's a first, Tsuna must have something to tie down his sanity for a moment every once in a while. And I love Verde! And the Shizuka's dislike of Reborn is amusing, at least the little menace is trying to tone it down to get what he wants from the ghost girl, I hope she doesn't end up as Tsuna's Mist Guardian as Reborn wants, she's too awesome to be simply another pawn dancing to another's tune even if it's her own beloved twin. I'd love the idea of Verde becoming her Lightning although I can't find any common ground between them, except maybe Shizuka's curiosity what with the many books she used to read. Devising crazy experiments together? mmm
8/13 c19 3DragonClanMaster
8/1 c18 DragonClanMaster
Shizuka's mouth is going to get her one day. XD
7/31 c18 ACasualPotato

Although the timeline (I thinkkk) is way out of order I'm gonna have to say that i love the story that you are making and would love if you would continue it!
7/23 c17 DragonClanMaster
LOL, Mukuro makes an epiphany!
7/23 c17 Hati
Greatest* source of amusement (accidentaly clicked send). It confused me her conversation with Shamal, not the technicalities but it felt a little out of the blue, and really that guy, did he conspire with Reborn to make her meet Nana? It felt like that. I feel for her, she saw her mother all her life but never truly had contact with her, only through her brother, a good thing she isn't the jealous type.
Mukuro's figurative face-palm was funny, does this mean he will also haunt Namimori?
7/23 c17 Hati
Damn, so many good snippets. So Shizuka sent one of her cat soldiers to look over the grumpy skylark at the hospital? Heh, that's cute and funny because he is really her grestest
7/23 c17 ACasualPotato

she's a ghost...

On another note, please continue to update!
7/22 c16 IBO
7/20 c6 NotYourDamsel
HOLY SH— I love the humor in this story so much! Shizuoka is so relatable and, yES A CAT ARMY IS FOOL PROOF MAY I JOIN YOUR LEAGUE!
7/16 c16 ACasualPotato
Thanks for the update!

and does Mukuro know that Shizuka is a ghost?

Anyways, please continue to update!
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