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9/18 c24 3DragonClanMaster
A, debatably, insane person making an insanity case for someone else? Yup, that makes perfect sense.
9/17 c24 ACasualPotato
Shizukaaaaaaaaaa, I know you have a cat army bu-but DAMN SON.

I want cats as obedient as yourrssss.

Thank you author-san for updating! Please continue to update ~!
9/13 c23 2Minaly22
So much shenanigans, so much fun.
9/11 c23 Guest
I love it. this is so good! I can't wait for more.
9/11 c23 ACasualPotato
So, i just imagine Reborn and the other Arcobaleno are looking for Verde, so when Shizuka calls Reborn picks up calls for the others and puts it on speaker. When Shizuka says what she says Fon purses his lips and stares intently at the phone while Skull just blushes and looks terrified. The others are like wtf.

And who is the Sun gonna be, a hint pleaseeeee!

I hope the recovery is going well, i once had a bad throat infection thing and everything burned. I couldn't open my mouth because it hurt so much, and eating, boyyyyy, hahahahahah. i wanted to die

After roughly two days of my mom going "here have some lemon tea it'll get better" she finally decided to take me to urgent care after I started coughing up bloody mucus. I was on really powerful antibiotics for a week or so, got to skip school, and wore one of those surgeon masks just in case it was airborne. It was funnn!

Anyways thank for the update and please continue to do so!
9/8 c22 4DragonFoxx
This story is awesome. Can we get a list of current full guardian bonds for both siblings?
9/7 c22 Mari Wollsch
great story, hope you will update soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/4 c1 XZjqG
Veri n1c3ixPst0riUf
9/4 c22 yachiru-chan92
Good chapter, Iemitsu know gost fiames je don't enderstand that Shizuka is Tsuna's sister.
Thanks for your work and the chapter.
9/3 c22 2dab-of-paint
Great chapter. But.. I feel like I missed something? Who is Natsumi? Feel like I never heard of her...
9/3 c22 Hati
So Natsumi is her guardian? That's some story I'd like to hear! Though it confuses me a little, she already had Daichi and apparently Natsumi before Masahiro came into the picture? So why was she still unable to make herself solid for longer than a minute?
Also, I absolutely love Shizuka and Kyoya bickering like a married couple, and is the skylark teasing the tanuki? Daaww that's adorable haha and then I thought, well obviously being bitten doesn't Work on her, but teasing does? I can sort of imagine Kyoya doing it as a sort of revenge but not noticing the flirting properties XD
Also, that Verde is stubbornly refusing Shizuka but she is adamant to cuddle him whenever she wants haha I bet she is enjoying poisoning his mind slowly with manga ideas and inventive experiments hahaha
9/3 c22 ACasualPotato

Dont doubt the the scientists.

Especially the crazy ones.

If they don't already have somsthing, except it at your doorstep pre-tested and ready to be used within 3-4 business days.

Please continue to update! I dont remember if i gave a review last chappie but I know that i've avoiding doing so since we were prepping for a move across town. (We've already finished just need to unpack) and if i didn't im sorryyyy!
9/3 c1 crystalputri
nice job. will kyoyashizuka will be item? hmm will shizuka become alive again? tq
8/28 c21 2Ryuuko Kimura
The Hibari family is always extra af lol.

Tsuna should learn that Shizuka will always be strange and accommodated by those around her.
8/28 c21 yachiru-chan92
Hahaha ! Good chapter Thanks for your work and the chapter
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