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6/20 c11 Lemini
It's almost a pity that Shizuka is no longer playing Hibari), They interact so well together.
6/19 c11 3TekoloKuautli
Ohh? Natsumi met Shizuka I take it? Either her or Daemon haha
Wow great chapter! So Daichi and Masahiro are tentatively her Guardians? I hope they appear more, both are very interesting.
Tanuki hahaha she can't be a kitsune without the seducing factor, she'd need to mature more or have a body with hormones XD
I can't say her rankings make no sense because without a body most would go mad, and without someone to watch even more so.
6/13 c1 8KnightLawn
Wonderful work on this story.
6/12 c10 Lemini
)))) Poor Kay. Now he has to endure Shizuku in his own house.
6/12 c10 3TekoloKuautli
Aww I love their sibling spats, reminds me of the ones with my brother, only a sibling can say something normal and jump straight onto your last nerve to make you snap XD
Does this mean Shizuka has Masahiro as a potential guardian? That would be awesome, I like him a lot. Wonder what other aspects of his personality you will show. ohhh~ What would a sibling spat between the Hibari brothers be like? :D
6/11 c10 Guest
6/11 c1 7Randomchicken16
I love this and the cat army.
As much as I want to see Hibari buried by tons of fluffies, I can already see how her plan is totally going to backfire on her.
Because ya know, Hibari-san is a f***ing Disney princess. Animals have this weird attachment to him.
Anyways, I hope you update soon!
6/11 c10 ALocalPotato
*Cackles evily*

I can see it from here.

Kyoya's resting after figh-BITING someone to death. One cat meows and walks up to him. Another does the same. Another does it again. The entirety of the cat army appears. They begin to crowd around him and then Shizuka appears using her mist flames. Kyoya notices her and trys to attack as Shizuka laughs maniacally. Before Kyoya can even take a step torwards her. 'Whoosh ' he is buried by cats.
6/7 c9 3TekoloKuautli
Ahahahaha! That was awesome, finally got caught man. And the fact that her form is becoming solid and without her brother's flames as aid gives me hope that she could become a 'real' illusion. At least enough to live like a human being. Or better than Daemon. She has Sky plus Mist after all.
Hibari's reaction, tho'! XD
6/6 c9 ALocalPotato
It's always hibari.

6/6 c9 Monark
As much as a wuss as Tsuna is i was expecting him to jump at hibari after seeing his sister hurt
6/5 c9 TrimusicaDrag00n90
this is to fun and what next they both get magical lion cubs some that bond to them.
6/4 c9 3DragonClanMaster
Oh you poor poor Tuna.
6/4 c9 Lemini
)))) Poor Tsuna. For the first time he had to answer for the shoals of his sister.
6/3 c8 DragonClanMaster
This story has made me laugh so much. And that cat army! XD
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