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9/3 c54 2Not-Quite-Old Man
Even though the moon only reflects the Sun's light, it is still enough to guide people in the dark, allowing them to see a small fraction of a brighter tomorrow.
8/5 c54 Guest
You know I just binge your story here and realized Taylor be came Khepri the sun god. And the fact amaterasu came and prevented this out come for this Taylor is interesting
7/22 c13 1kykkoman4
Taylor is become Asian Jesus
6/6 c54 2Kyrin Fireheart
This was adorable. Shame it looks like it was dropped. If you read this author, I greatly enjoyed your story.
5/26 c30 Guest
I love this so much. Unique, funny, and heartwarming.
5/26 c40 treviondrown
this is just a theory but I don't know if it will happen but it could be interesting that Taylor is actually a cape and she triggered since she's a second generation trigger meaning it's easier for her to be triggered when she was lost in the woods and everything she draws comes to life kind of like what the protectorate thinks happened except there's more to it every monster every thing every demon every charm everything like that actually affect the real world meaning simultaneously while she's protecting people and giving people charms to protect themselves from demons she's making the demons so that the charms actually are effective meaning if she gives one protection charm to some random dude now there's an extra demon out there to try and murder people except that random dude and so on and so forth because that's all that really makes sense I'm much there's some like super magic going on making people forget all of the weird occurrences the only way I could see it being a secret that there are monsters about especially non-caped ones would it be that she created them and this also ties in why all the monsters are suddenly appearing and Brockton Bay like before she showed up there was no monster attacks or at least none people actually noticed but now they're everywhere so either her being a Miko attracted all the monsters around the world or she's creating them with her abilities
5/22 c54 Ramax Viscurio
I really liked this. Eventhough I only know the broad strokes of Okami, it was very enjoyable.
5/20 c54 BlackWishBone much of a headache is this causing for our least favorite angel?
5/18 c6 FriggleBerry
After reading such heavy stories in this fandom something like this at least so far has bee immaculate
4/17 c54 1TranoMoon
I love this fic, and everything about it.
3/28 c26 1Wakiyamani
THIS... This right here is F'ing hilarious. I can't even call it a crack fic.. Because it's not really (even though the 'Armsmaster/Dr Doom reference was inspired). But this is one of the funniest Worm stories I've read (and that includes humorous monsters like Taylor Varga)

Please keep up the good work!
3/11 c54 4BUFBUODA
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Well done
1/26 c54 4Zyanadryn
After re reading this wonderful story for the umpteenth time, I do hope you continue the Brushstroke and Good Dog shenanigans 33
1/24 c54 1Ninetails the Nine tailed Fox
Also, as always, great chapter!
12/26/2022 c4 3maskedkeeper
re reading it, kinda fucked up if you think the dog /god took advantage of a emotionally unstable girl and slowly molded her into exactly what she wanted. Doesn't help that she wouldn't suspect the dog (as she saw it) was planning it all from the beginning from outfits to how she kept building everything around her
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