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8/7 c22 Jesussavedevenme
THIS WAS SOOO AMAZING! This is one of my new favorite fics ever, not kidding! This is sooo good!
8/6 c22 Katie
Wow! This was soooo amazing! It was so cool to see!
8/6 c22 20Yakall
This was so awesome! I’ve always wanted to see how that whole thing played out, and you did it perfectly!
8/6 c22 3NaoSa
LOVed this story!
8/5 c22 2JaylaLovesReading
Yes! I love this! ️
7/12 c21 3NaoSa
Hi! First of all I love these stories and you are a great writer!

If you still want ideas I might have a few. Please don’t feel obliged to use them, I’d just thought I’d put it out there.
-Verl and Bracken and Kendra one shot
-Fablehaven group party with truth or Dare. Includes Brackendra Warrenessa and Evil Seth when he does dares
-Bracken and Kendra fight
-Kendra Warren Bracken Vanessa double date
-Introducing Bracken to something modern
-Bracken finding out he’s betrothed *evil grin* (I’ve been thinking about this so much! I can totally see it happening and Bracken getting super mad. Maybe there’s like a mission he can go on to get out of it or something. Obviously this would most likely be multiple parts.)
-Healing the fairy king and then a bit about him (to be honest I’ve always pictured him super modern for some reason like into technology and Rubin cubes. Okay, I’ll stop talking now.)

Anyway those were just a few ideas, you do not have to use them and don’t feel like you have to!

This is a really fun story collection and it is very well written!

5/27 c21 Katie
Yes we need more Seth content! I hope this can make a re-appearance!
5/27 c20 Katie
Ahhhh I love puppies! Your ideas are so creative, don’t ever stop!
5/27 c19 Katie
And you’ve done it again!
5/27 c18 Katie
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing skills! I love reading your work!
5/27 c17 Katie
I could never have dreamed up anything half as good as this!
5/27 c16 Katie
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Ahhhh! It’s too good! You are so insiprational!
5/27 c15 Katie
Yes keep feeding me that juicy Brackendra content! And Seth and Warren are so great too! Basically anything you write is so awesome!
5/27 c14 Katie
Perfect? Heck yes!
5/27 c13 Katie
Such a fantastic job!’ I love the characters you created!
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