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2/10 c5 Jewelsybear
Bracken most have been so scared. And yes, I said put Bracken and scared in the same sentence. I feel so bad for him. The girl he is "friends" with is the first human in the Fairy Realm. Plus everyone else has their small view of of humans. A lot is riding on this. Everyone is scared. The Fairy Queen, I am guessing, told everyone in the realm that they were having a guest.

Great story. I always wanted a look into Bracken's mind. We only see Seth, Kendra, or, sometimes, Tess and Knox. We never see much of Bracken. He plays a big part in the Fablehaven/Dragonwatch books. Yet we see so little.
12/27/2020 c25 2JaylaLovesReading
Merry Christmas! Though I’m writing this on the 27th
12/26/2020 c25 13books-and-starss
ooh, I love this chapter! I loved when Kendra and Seth were chasing each other around with the snow; that was such a nice sibling friendship thing for them, and I love the reindeer guiding lost people home! that makes me so happy!
12/26/2020 c25 12NaoSa
"Are you crazy?" She hissed. "That thing could have rabies!"
Seth looked at her incredulously. "You've literally fought the King of Demons, and you're afraid of a reindeer?"
"Yes!" Kendra insisted. "This isn't Rudolph-"

That literally made my day. That joke never gets old, does it? You do something big and those little things- ok, I'll stop now. ;)

This was amazing! And Merry Christmas to you as well! Stay safe and awesome.

PS, it's no problem at all. Just staying the truth. ;)
10/27/2020 c24 Katie
Wow! You’re so talented! I love this very much!
10/24/2020 c24 2JaylaLovesReading
Oh my goodness so cute I LOVE YESSSSSSS️️
10/24/2020 c24 22Yakall
LET ME GO GRAB A BUCKET FOR MY TEARS. I don’t think I can express how simply beautiful this was. I loved every second of it and just amazed about how fantastic it is. Truly, truly epic
10/24/2020 c24 12NaoSa
Yay! I was super excited for this and I love how you did this! You’re welcome for the prompt, but the real thanks to you is for writing this! Words cannot describe how perfect this was!

And you’re extremely inspiring yourself! I recently started my own collection of one-shots and they are inspired by YOU! This was the perfect balance of adventure, love and everything. I loved all the love they had here! This was so beautiful I’m crying.

I look forward to the next chapter as soon as you’re ready! Know you have a fan here who is always waiting patiently to see your masterpieces! Until next time! :)
10/10/2020 c23 Katie
Oh this is always so amazing! And very creative! I can’t wait until next week!
10/9/2020 c23 22Yakall
This was so COOL! Kendra acting as the fairy queen, the shield, the fairy king, all of it is so awesome! I can’t wait for next week!
10/9/2020 c23 Name Is Secret
Stay safe to you as well! Thanks for the update~
10/9/2020 c23 12NaoSa
THIS WAS SO COOL! I loved this so much! I can’t wait for a part 2, but wait patiently. You’re welcome for the prompt! This was amazing :)
10/8/2020 c23 2JaylaLovesReading
Well, oh no, what happened to them! But very interesting, great chapter!️
8/7/2020 c22 Jesussavedevenme
THIS WAS SOOO AMAZING! This is one of my new favorite fics ever, not kidding! This is sooo good!
8/6/2020 c22 Katie
Wow! This was soooo amazing! It was so cool to see!
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