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for Challenge fic:NarutoXShakugan no ShanaXRWBY

4/20/2018 c1 1ShadowXseed
This doesn't sound good. This screams of overpopulated casts that would ruin the flow of the story. I've seen only one author did it well unlike many other authors made.
4/18/2018 c1 2Shirou Emiya1
I don't know whether to think if you are either dumb, stupid or blind when its clear when i put it in that it is a challenge to other authors so they may take it or not is up to them along with the fact i made this challenge and you dare say "to report a story"? Then go on ahead and report this cause if you check the title it clearly says "challenge" not "story" so if I were you i would shut up and clean your eyes and read it perfectly before i put out a hit on you and don't think that i won't cause i will do it and i will know who you are and i will find you and then im gonna make your life miserable cause you and others like you keep on mocking us who just do our own hobbies for no apparent reason so you better watch your surroundings if i were you kid
4/18/2018 c1 Fuckyou
Anyone have any idea how to report a “story?”

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