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for You never said anything about a wedding!

7/6/2019 c1 7Femslash08
You're varying from 2nd to 3rd person. It's confusing
7/22/2018 c1 7MaggYme
I edited chapter 1&2 so (y/n) should be replaced with Milli
5/25/2018 c2 Guest
Good story so far but what’s with the (y/n) thing are you doing that or is her name milli
5/25/2018 c2 3Supernatural Believer
So far I like it. The only criticism I have is that you have (y/n) and Millie throughout the first to chapters and possibly more. I hope you go back and change that.
5/23/2018 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Love this work awesome details as well
5/13/2018 c1 7MaggYme
angelofthelord00: not at this moment... but maybe later.. glad you liked it though <3
5/13/2018 c27 angelofthelord00
sigh.. A really awesome final chapter.. sad though you ended this story.. can we expect a sequel?
5/12/2018 c26 angelofthelord00
poor loki, getting teased like that... soo hulk is back on earth. Do you think the dude played by jeff goldblum or valkyrie will come looking for him? since He has some tracer or shocker?
5/11/2018 c25 angelofthelord00
milli is just too nice... and protective loki is just precious!
5/10/2018 c24 angelofthelord00
awww i think i love sefa... So cute... wow, and milli is totally a badass princess now, claiming her title. and ross is such an ass.. I really wonder why anybody would have thought it a good idea for him to watch the avengers after hulk..
5/10/2018 c23 angelofthelord00
yey can't wait what she'll Do with the two knuckleheads... I really don't like my heroes fighting each other...
5/9/2018 c22 3SilverShadowWolf46
Oh my god. I was gonna cry. But honestly I’m so happy that that wasn’t the end of Millis story. And I’m intrigued by what just happened in this chapter
5/9/2018 c22 angelofthelord00
Also, i'm sorry someone spoiled you the movie.. I accidently did so too, with a friend, though she was rather thankful when we watched it together..
5/9/2018 c22 angelofthelord00
THANK YOU! So, did milli saw the future? since Thor's still on asgard, right? nice idea with wanda, i wonder if they could have really done this, intertwining their magic...
5/9/2018 c1 angelofthelord00
THANK YOU! So milli basically saw the future? since Thors still on asgard, right? and nice idea with wanda, i wonder if they could have really done this, intertwining their magic...
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