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for You never said anything about a wedding!

4/28/2018 c11 1AnotherShiningStar
LOVING THIS please keep updating. I'd even recommend this to my friends. Also, with what happened to Loki in IW (I hope you've seen it) can you please give him a happy ending?
4/28/2018 c10 Juiceycumbucket
I don't understand why you're story doesn't have more favorites and follows. It's well written and really adorably romantic, I can't wait for another update :)
4/27/2018 c10 angelofthelord00
oooh 'm wondering what loki is going to Do now... he's such a gentleman! Also, i really like your style..
4/25/2018 c8 angelofthelord00
awww kids always adorable... don't worry, i'm from Germany too... english isn't always easy. loki is just a hot potato, right? and damn, heimdall is sneaky
4/25/2018 c6 angelofthelord00
hehe love protective loki so much... though i may have found a little mistake, Goethe and Schiller aren't composer, they are german poets. but otherwise, just wow
4/24/2018 c5 angelofthelord00
assbutt.. I had to laugh so hard.. everywhere i go i see spn references. love your story!
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