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10/13 c131 brankel1
Great job.
10/11 c131 Nina
10/9 c131 AraneltheSilvan
This is my new favorite chapter!
10/9 c131 Guest
Muito reflexivo e profundo, amei. Se puder pedir um capítulo com o Galion e o Lindir conversando sobre ser mordomo de Thranduil e Elrond agradeceria muito.
10/9 c131 Oak Runner
Haha, I really enjoyed that. The difference in choices between the different elves and their strength of character to choose such different paths. Thank you ! :D
10/9 c16 guest
10/9 c131 guest
Very refreshing!
10/9 c131 Guest
Elves, of course, know the gods exist and that the gods love them. A few elves may even have fought beside those gods, or known an elf who has. I've noticed that's something a lot of fan writers have difficulties
10/9 c131 SilverOnlyReads
Interesting, makes you think about what is happening to our world now, and how many people have been praying for help. Being Native American, I pray to the Great Spirit, but to me whatever you may call your God, it is one in the same, just named differently. Any who it does sometime feel like none of the gods are listening to anyone. Good chapter and I do love what the Greenwood worships, because those are the things they can count on.
9/9 c130 Nina
Very funny! Great chapter!
9/8 c118 Guest
Was that a MASH reference?
10 out of 10
9/8 c130 brankel1
9/7 c130 Adriana
Simplemente perfecto.
Me encanta cuando discuten esos tres
9/7 c130 4RangeroftheSouth
Don't think I've laughed this hard in a while! these three are too much to handle! I love them and love this chapter! Can't wait to read more!
9/7 c130 1EltarielofNoldor
this feels like a goodbye :’(((
also i’ve always loved your works and anticipate them when you update because after going on a journey with Returning Home, I’ve always loved the character Ava in any of your works. I’ve always meant to tell you, but I’ve been a fan and I forget to tell you until today xD thank you for giving me an escape from reality with your work
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