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for A Shark of a Sister

5/13 c14 Guest
Please continue!
2/17 c14 samuelcaldeira76gmail.com
Hope you update soon
2/7 c14 jcheriscar
U will be miss return to us soon
10/1/2019 c14 Guest
Love the story, hope it gets an update.
9/29/2019 c6 Counter-Guardian Emiya
Oh great the pedophile's at it again, just go back to your cave base orochimaru and don't come back out!
9/21/2019 c13 Samcal
Thanks for the chapter it's a good story waiting for the next release
9/18/2019 c14 4Black Magic99
so is this narux hinata or shion?
7/22/2019 c8 Guest
Worthless as hell. It manages to be both OOC AND somehow the plot still happens exactly like canon.
It's like you have not even a shred of originality or something.
6/22/2019 c14 6The Megaevolved Pony
I'm sorry that's happenin' to ya. I hope you can get back on your feet at some point. I hope to see you in the next chapter.
6/22/2019 c1 dragon slayer of death 98
i wonder if tier will be paired with anyone, i kinda hope its another girl, since ive always seen tier as either a lesbian or bisexual with a preference to women, what with her fraccion, and with her not really getting along with any males, or asexual
6/21/2019 c14 TheWiseGamer
can't wait for the next chapter good luck
6/18/2019 c13 9Drake G. Reaper
Nice story I'm looking forward to when Sung-Sung, Mila-Rose and Appachi show up in the story they should be be brought in when Naruto is in the academy. He comes home tells Tier about a pair of girls who are picking on everyone and a third who just has them fight with each other. She checks it out and find her old subordinates.
6/17/2019 c14 1merendinoemiliano
Best of luck with everything
6/16/2019 c14 EternalMatrix
Thx u for letting us know what's been happening, and that U've been very busy, it's nice to know that a good fic has a legitimate reason for being delayed, also can u let us know the name of this TitanfallXRWBY fic that U've been helping beta read?
6/16/2019 c14 2DannyPhantom619
At least you gave us some info, thank you
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