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6/19/2018 c1 Guest
Wow you're an actual idiot the reason Pyrrha started liking Jaune was because he didn't know who she was so he didn't put her on a pedestal like the others did. I highly doubt they still wouldn't be training together like for sparring instead, you remember that their partners right? Training sessions would still happen to improve themselves, strengthen their teamwork as with preparing for the vytal tournament. They would still grow and bond together like the other partners, look at yang and Blake. They both are a great fighters but they still bonded after they got to know each.

Like you said Jaune would be more confidant and wouldn't be afraid to ask Pyrrha out to the dance. ( after he see Weiss asking Neptune out) Nothing would change like you said Jaune being weak and needed her training wasn't what attracted Pyrrha it was because he didn't know her and there are literally other ways for them to become close since they are partners and would be spending a lot of time together heck look at ruby and Weiss, weiss practically hated her in the beginning but grew to become friends with her after a good talking with port and getting to know her better.

Now with Jaune and Pyrrha they would differently be friends but Pyrrha would still be attracted to him from not knowing her, if anything it would progress their relationship faster since Jaune would be more confidant and wouldn't need Pyrrha babying him, instead of wasting time training to help him get stronger they would instead be sparring together, talking about their pasts, their dreams and goals for the future, actually getting to know Each better ( in canon we never really see them just talking besides that destiny shit back in vol 3, in fact going back re-watching vol 1 to 3 crwby really did neglect team jnpr because they never really did just talk to each other as a team).
5/14/2018 c1 7SofluwYerg
Refreshing AND funny. A nice combo, gotta say.
4/20/2018 c1 2merendinoemiliano
I think a Jaune actually trained could change a lot, and it could help as well his relationship with Pyhrra(going to cry). Whath really pisses me of are when an author create entire teams of ocs who interact with the canon charachters maybe even before canon, yet nothing truly change: Weiss still yells at Ruby after Port's class, Blake is still a work alcolic and Pyhrra dies. Why introduce so much new charachters, if you just rewrite canon, adding some scene with them?
4/19/2018 c1 6trying to be so oh original
Welp that killed the trope and it actually brought some sense to it good job
4/19/2018 c1 1SolidSnake10101
Finally someone says it!

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