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for Shadows and Tall Trees

12/29/2019 c1 Guest
Great dialogue, funny, breezy, emotional, true to the characters. Well done!
12/17/2018 c2 MorganReadsAlot
I love the idea of a highschool Nick and a Jess, can't wait to see where you take this. Great start.
11/24/2018 c2 13jenn13
Please tell me more of this story is coming?
9/16/2018 c2 Guest
Thanks for updating this. I love these two, please give us more. I'd like to see a page from each period of their lives until death :(
9/15/2018 c2 Guest
Perfect as always. Please keep writing for this fandom. Your stories are incredible.
4/21/2018 c1 70cosmictrap
ahhhh this one's so nice! flufffff 3 3 can't wait for more!
4/21/2018 c1 1MillerDay21622
Too cute. For a minute there I though you were gonna have him turn his hat backwards like he did in his last interview. Hehehe
4/20/2018 c1 13jenn13
OMG! The sweet innocence and excitement of that first crush. Summer evenings, etc. what a great read for a Friday evening in spring. Please tell me you’re going to do a multi chapter with this!

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