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for Space 1999 Twin Planets

9/22/2019 c6 12BlondiezHere
This was an *incredible* story. I very much hope it continues in other stories i see that you've written. It makes me wish i had come looking for 1999 fanfics long before now.
6/23/2018 c6 Guest
Great story. I'm a huge John & Helena fan so it was a bit difficult for me to around the idea of Helena & Victor. But keeping an open mind, I thought it was a fascinating story. Looking forward to reading the next story.
5/6/2018 c6 72Beth6787
Dear Danita,

Welcome to fan - and what an introduction ! A fantastic first story and I’m so glad to see a new writer join the Space 1999 team.

I love your pairing of Helena & Victor and I remember when the show first aired here in England in 1974 (I was only 17 at the time) thinking that she was much more suited to him than John Koenig. Victor was often not only the voice of reason but a calming influence on Koenig,the latter often as much of a ‘hot head’ as Alan Carter. Alan seemed just to be a younger version of John in many ways.

I agree with you; I always related most to the Professor Bergman character and - as an adult - spent my professional life as a research scientist at Cambridge University. So Barry Morse’s work had a profound influence on me. My favourite author as a child was Isaac Asimov and I was very fortunate to make his acquaintance though sadly I never had the opportunity to meet Barry Morse. It’s wonderful to hear that did and subsequently formed a firm friendship that lasted for many decades.

I, too, joined this forum late last year and - so far - have focussed on writing short Star Trek Voyager stories though have intended to start on a Space 1999 series soon. There have been 118 stories on this site for such a long while now it is such a relief to have a new voice join the fold and contribute. Your first story here is fabulous and I do hope that you will share more with us in the coming months.

I look forward to reading your future work and hope to add a few ideas of my own shortly.

Best wishes, Beth6787
4/28/2018 c1 RJ Eisenhuth
Hi, just finished the story and while I don't think I could ever see Helena and Victor as a couple, I'm too invested in the Helena and John coupling, I do like that you gave it a go.

If I have any problems with the story, it's how you characterized Koenig. Also, not sure I go along with the "We have two planets to choose from so let's all split up and see if we can give it a go." feeling and decision here. I can see the question being raised but I can also see Koenig - a strong and logical Commander - telling everyone that they would all go to the most viable of the two worlds, try to make it there with their entire crew and limited resources, then later - when they are absolutely stable and can get from one planet to the other (can Eagles continue to work without the ready-made hangers and equipment on Alpha?) - they can do some exploring on the 2nd world.

On another tact, I rather felt Helena was a little too cold to John. It was obvious from the first moment he saw her he had feelings for her, it's even acknowledged in the show and in your story that they might have been a couple at one time, yet she doesn't seem to care about how he feels. She merely demands that he respect her decision to be as far away from him as possible. Yes, she saw anger in him when she chose the 2nd planet but no doubt he was hurt too. Wouldn't you be if the person you loved decided she'd rather live with and be with your best friend instead? :o

Anyway, all that aside, it's a good read! Thanks for giving us a fresh eye on our "old" series! :)
4/26/2018 c6 Diane
Very good story. Very interesting storyline with Victor and Helena. And just how rumours can grow and turn people who were once friend against one another.
4/25/2018 c5 Guest
Interesting story, but for me just a little implausible. Nice attention to dialogue ( a little clunky in places for example Koenig would never refer to Paul and Sandra as "guys". But on the whole believable. You captured the fact that Koenig is an emotional man - which is good. It seems you have the Y1 Helena, quite cool and unapproachable.

Not sure about the overall timeline here. Yes, I get you are using Y1 characters, but how many DaB are we talking here? People grow as they get used to their situation. Many characters seem very stilted and a little stiff. Not sure if you've watched Y1 eps recently or not. Don't let your particular ship blind you.

One thing I will point out is characterization. You have Carter acting irrationally. Now, not sure if there is a story reason for that which will become clear down the road, or if you are thinking that is part of Alan's character to be hot headed. Yes, Alan can be hot headed, as we sae in "Collision Course" and again in "AB Chrysalis" and more so in "Seed of Destruction". However, in every instance, Carter is not insubordinate to Koenig. Alan ignoring the conversation that John and Alan had is in effect insubordination. Alan is a section head himself. That would never happen.

Koenig, as leader basically lost his authority and therefore ability to lead when you have him turning to his team in desperation, when things start to get out of hand. John is an Astronaut/Administrator. That simply wouldn't happen. He would have been replaced on Alpha long ago had he been that weak.

This is where I get to the splitting the groups up. Had an issue with that from the get-go. That simply doesn't make sense. In "Another Time, Another Place" the Alphans were all on one planet and they spread out their settlements to ensure survival. Splitting the Alphans on two planets is a big stretch of resources they simply wouldn't have. They would need be in close proximity to be able to settle areas. Remember in "The Testament of Arkadia" their grain and other food stores were crucial. Splitting it all up on two planets is just not feasible in my opinion.

The biggest issue I have is with the characterisation of John and Victor's relationship. John had been a student of Victor's. The two men were close friends. In fact, you could say that John regarded Victor as a father figure. I can't see ever a triangle forming between John, Helena and Victor. If you watch the first season eps closely, Victor is very much a father figure to Helena too. A replacement for her own father she lost as an intern. There is a very interesting dynamic between the three of them - but not a romantic triangle.

I get this is FF and you can write whatever you want and change things up however you want, but that's my two cents worth. Please keep writing. My comments are meant to be constructive not critical.

Addendum: If you get the chance, if you haven't already, read the licensed novels by Powys Media. Powys worked with series writers such as Christopher Penfold and Johnny Byrne.
4/25/2018 c6 Lorrie
Great story. So nice to see a new Space:1999 story. So amazing that you knew Barry Morse too!. Really enjoying it. Great writing style
4/26/2018 c6 Bailey Malone
Well written. Vivid characters. Bravo!
4/25/2018 c6 frieke
Loved the story and want more :-)
4/24/2018 c5 frieke
I'm still intrigued for the rest. While I'm firmly in the Helena/John camp, the pairing of Helena/Victor does work for me. We know Alan can be a bit of a hothead (Black Sun's Escape Eagle), he is thoroughly loyal to John Koenig (Missing Link). And I know from experience that once gossip/conspiracy takes hold, it can get ugly. I'm really looking forward to the rest and will spread word in the Alpha circles on Facebook that there is a new story up here.
4/22/2018 c3 frieke
Yay, another Space 1999 story. So far so good. Looking forward to the rest.

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