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1/15/2019 c14 9Rangerbaldwin
What a pleasing ending! It's good to see the family of 6 together, and no Linda. Although she'll always be part of Nick's life. There's now an Unofficial Good Witch group on Facebook. Feel free to join "Bell, Book & Candle" at the following TinyUrl link: /1BellBook1 (or simply search).
1/14/2019 c14 177Linneagb
That fin. End note acfually suited very well. How you may ask. Fin in Swedish means nice and I thought this was a nice story with a nice ending. I loved this story and the relationships within the family and the twins and awww. Great story from beginning to end. Thanks for writing and sharing.
1/4/2019 c13 4CheyPaigeFanFic
Still, love it! I've been off for a while, but this story really warms my heart!
12/28/2018 c13 177Linneagb
I love this story... Sorry it took me a while to read. I really do love this one. And that was just so perfect the way she spoke to Nick and the talk he had with Linda at last. It was just perfect. Happy new year and please update soon.
12/27/2018 c13 6storyfan45
I love how you brought all of the characters' past experiences into the story! Fantastic, as always!
12/21/2018 c12 177Linneagb
Oh dear. Nick in this chapter, especially when he says he remember and Linda and Sam were fighting just broke my heart. But everything, every little detail just seem to fit this story perfectly and I just love it so much. Hate Linda of course, but love Nick, love this story... Run... Please update soon. I can't wait to read more.
12/2/2018 c11 6storyfan45
Great chapter! I like the interaction between Brandon and Nick. I especially loved the "step brother once removed" line. :) Hahaha!
12/2/2018 c11 177Linneagb
Great chapter. I liked the talk that Brandon and Nick had. It was great sort of seeing them as brothers. But I didn't like that Brandon sort of thinks that Nick should only be grateful and also, he's allowed to be angry and everything at his parents just as well as anybody else. And it wasn't his fault something happened to Jake or Brandon's mum. It makes sense but... Still it was sort of a nice add to the story. I wonder if Nick is actually hurt. Since I love sick/ hurt in any stories I would like that hahaha. Can't wait to read more.
11/16/2018 c10 9Rangerbaldwin
I like that, "the truth is the best place to start." Too bad Linda is such a slow learner, as a parent! At least she put half an effort into patching things up with Nick by arriving in Middleton, but she needs to make that conversation happen.
11/16/2018 c10 177Linneagb
It seems like Linda has... sort of realized some things and matured a bit. Alexander and Elizabeth are too cute and the relationship they have with their parents and their older siblings is just as adorable as could be. Great chapter. Please update soon.
11/1/2018 c9 SPCLjmm
But will Nick forgive Linda? Looking forward to more.
10/25/2018 c9 Linneagb
How dare she as much as show herself in Middleton... I wonder what Nick will say when he meet her. Can't wait to read more and I'm caught up now. Please update soon.
10/25/2018 c8 Linneagb
I can't blame Nick for hating his mum... She is a... ehrm... I probably shouldn't finish that sentence but you can yourself I'd guess. And I know I said it before but the twins are so cute and I just love Sassie. Poor Nick, I couldn't imagine what it's like to be a kid and stuck in the middle like that.
10/25/2018 c7 Linneagb
Awwwwww. Sassie. And I just love how Nick has grown to love Middleton and Lizzie seems to have everyone wrapped around her little finger. And that comment that she doesn't have many teeth yet- awwwwwww.
10/25/2018 c6 Linneagb
Aw. Children have a way with getting lost as soon as one turns their back. It was a nice add and suited the story. Gosh I love these two twins. I'm guessing it's Linda calling. I can't help but hate her after everything that's come out now.
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