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for James Harem 2

5/31 c71 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats
No problem
We all need a break sometimes so chill out and relax.
We'll be waiting for the next great chapter
5/30 c71 1Negaben364
It’s ok guys take all the time you need, after the writing you guy do you deserve it _
5/29 c71 4PowerhousePhantom
New upgrade for Jamie, Booster is introduced, and the contest for the title of Tempest?! What’s next, the team meets Red Hood?
5/29 c71 1R.Vital
I understand, take two or four weeks off to put your mind and imagination at 100%

and someone please let me borrow the crowbar that the Joker used in family death, so I can crebrar some bones and teeth Booster Gold to forget the time machine of keys still in it and on sima engaged for anyone use, as Seu Madruga do Chaves FAILED like hero of time in my point of view.

and Ben the Lesser has a point there if James takes a look at the beetle he can improve it so that the Reach don't find a way to hack Khaji Da and make him a drone like he did in the second season of Young Justice.
5/28 c71 71drakefireice28
hey i understand take as much time as you need.
also Damn it Booster you fool you should always take the keys out of the time machine.
5/28 c71 Ben the Lesser
Take all the time you need, guys. Frankly I think you overwork yourselves enough, as it is.

Take a shot for every time the villain thought they won, only to end up making the hero stronger.

Anyone else think James would take one look at this guy and remember his old man's stories of the Galactic Enforcers?
5/28 c71 5Shooting Star Dragon 3000
First, take all the time you need. This chapter was a pretty good stopping point for a break.

Speaking of break, i want to desperately break booster golds face for leaving the keys in his time machine. Time travel 101, always take the keys out of the machine!
5/28 c71 20B.E.A.T.N
This small story arc had a pretty satisfying conclusion. You guys take all the time you need to make this story even better. A quick question: what can we expect to see soon? I'm just too excited to see what else pops up in this story. Until next time, have a great day/night and stay safe.
5/24 c70 Lonestar88
Just a thought I had since Aqualad had a crisis about what he wanted for his future. How about he win the tournament but declines to become Mera's concubine. I mean the trials task and tribulations Were Meant to make him better so he goes through them to make himself a better hero and person not a better b**** for the queen. Just a thought
5/24 c1 guest
bro, can you please make a ben 10 x highschool dxd crossover with ben in it? your story and writing style will be great for it.
5/23 c70 zen0909
Love This Story and all your works. keep up the great work
5/19 c70 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats
I wish you a happy birthday and lots of inspiration to create new and wonderful chapters and stories
5/19 c70 2Sir Shark of The Acrylic
Hot damn this a great chapter! its great that you develop everyone in the foreground. Im most intresested in seeing the future of Thad, Cass, and Bart
5/18 c70 Sir Shark of The Acrylic
if you were given the chance to be a kamen rider. which rider would either of you be? adking now cause i reread the controlfreak chapters
5/18 c70 1R.Vital
1. sorry, my study in mixed genetics spoke louder ... I should stop hanging out with my old professors from USP's college

2. the beetle will meet the evil Uncle of the first blue beetle on earth or will meet the beetle's creators.

3. poor James suffering what every harem anime character suffers, find a way to let each comment be perfect for his girlfriends.

3. damn it, professor zoom showing up, things are going to get serious for the flash family.

4 ... I think that's it.
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