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for Reading Tall Tales: Mahou Mafia Tutor

2/10/2019 c4 mistermisterv4
So I know this is 4 months late in terms of the date but I just want to say this.

I really hope you rekindle the ability to finish this because this has been one of the most enjoyable stories I've read on this site. You're able to make Reborn and Negima complement each other in ways that the other KHR/MSN fics haven't(Lets be honest, not a knock on the authors but 3 of them are 75% similar with deviations here and there). From the interactions that the groups have within themselves to the way they act at and with each other, it all feels so genuine. Reading chapters 4 -8 of Mahou Mafia Tutor I was trying to imagine how the group would respond to the rest of the story. That's how much Reading Tall Tales was getting to me.

I get that you want to see someone else take over but the thing is I don't think anyone match your style and hope you reconsider doing this as well.

Please come back and finish both. This has been a fun ride so far.
10/27/2018 c1 Kminari
Small corrections:
Trinisette (Tri-Ni-Set) not Trissinette.
* Fuuta de la Stella.
10/25/2018 c4 FFZeru54
Great chapter, hope you update soon!
10/4/2018 c4 Dragonfyre1234
Oh man...I'm so glad you're updating this...even if it takes months in between, at least it wasn't abandoned...I really enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for more updates...also I enjoyed the bro moments between negi and tsuna... I think it's a missed oppurtunity in most harem style anime where it's just one guy surrounded by girls... It must be damn overwhelming for the MC and I'm excited to see how negi turns out as well as that tsuna konoka romance...there's not nearly enough fics with her paired with anyone other than setsuna
10/3/2018 c4 Ilamatecuhtli
Great chapter I can't wait for the next
10/3/2018 c4 30Engineer4Ever
Good work, I kno how it can be with such long chapters. It helps if you split them to be honest, but take ur time! We aint going no where XP
8/2/2018 c3 rin fujitora
please update! a hundret please (tsuna's puppy eyes mode)
7/27/2018 c3 1Tsunashi777
Plz update this art . I can't wait for new chapter
7/21/2018 c3 ckashorro
brother please give some sign that you will continue these fics because they are one of my top 5 and it would be a shame to cancel or enter into hiatus
7/18/2018 c3 30Engineer4Ever
Man! I cannot wait to c more. It's going to rock! XD
6/19/2018 c3 22tigrun
A really fun thing to do! I really like this story. I would not havve though to do something like that!
Cannot wait to read more! I love the difference between Tsuna and TYL!Tsuna, both of course are attracting girls' attention
6/16/2018 c3 5Neo-Drive
I've never been a fan of reading stories but I am glad I gave this a shot since this is great!
My gut is telling me that it is going to be tsuna x konoka ( I have not read your other story and I don't plan to so I can react along side the characters ).

I wonder if negi has made any progress with the girl he likes (spoiler for uq holder, negi likes chisame)?

Looking forward to next update.
5/31/2018 c1 alaude hibari
update please.
5/21/2018 c1 21Al Landers
Finally another good fanfiction with this theme, please continue
5/19/2018 c3 Jamitobitobi
Keep it up u can too it I am looking forward to more chapters
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