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for The Pirate Prince Redux

9/4 c1 luzbel2k
Hi, I don't know if you would mind, but I would like to upload this fanfic translated to Spanish to my YouTube channel, obviously I will put a link, direct to your account.
6/2 c3
This fanfic was stupid. I'm only three chapters in and it's stupid. What made you think " hey I'm just gonna make naruto into a fuckin slave when he has a seastone katana and doesn't have it all the time." This story started out good in the first chapter, it did, but afterwards it devolved into retardation.
4/3 c6 DualXBeretta
I liked the first few chapters until danzo was introduced I just don’t see him fitting to well in and then sasuke also with a sharingan I might come back to read the rest but as far as I know the story was dropped anyway.
11/21/2022 c15 ElementalMaster16
Thank you for being open about the end, disappointing as it is. Very few abandoned stories ever get a proper sendoff.
10/30/2022 c1 unknownbeing932
minato has been betrayed
8/27/2022 c1 hatimiamine15
that's stupid, one who betrayed you once can betrays you once again
8/26/2022 c5 taiwoeretan1
So does Sasuke only have Amateratsu or does he have all the base Sharingan abilities plus Amateratsu?
8/26/2022 c1 taiwoeretan1
Man the potential of this Devil Fruit is going to be crazy.
6/29/2022 c15 ARU72
I think you are planing to pair nami and sasuke and please upload fast
6/19/2022 c1 Zenchi to zen'n no kami
Ok soy nuevo con esta historia aún desde el 2018 hasta en 2022 me da la sensación de que nunca acabaremos ya que solo lleva 15 capítulos :(
6/4/2022 c15 2acetwolf94
5/29/2022 c15 arul.rouf2
keep going bro
5/26/2022 c4 EchoRomeBlue
Shoot, that bounty is to low in my opinion lol.
5/25/2022 c15 Golden Wind God
brother you will be missed. i love your stories and ideas but as you said you have a family and its responsibity to look after them. good luck. you have been on the site for around 7 years. its like an end of an era. bye shinobi of greed . my prayers will be with you
5/25/2022 c15 Crimson Riot 01
Woahhh, eso es demasiado, creo que estaba muy divertida este fic, gracias por tu autorización para completar tus fics y los grandes momentos que pase como lector de tus obras
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