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10/13/2019 c53 19Wolfs child
I understand and I'll be sure to look it up, I'm glad your keeping this up I love reading it! And sorry that I haven't replied until now I didn't have internet until now so I wasn't able to write to you but I'll be sure to check out your new story Shades of Grey! Just take your time writing after all it takes time to make the perfect story I should now, all my friends loved writing some of the stories I used to write about only back then I didn't have a computer lol XD
9/23/2019 c53 the 15th
Yay, you are back Earl Chesh!

I really missed you (happy scream while tighly hugging the laptop and crying happy tear T.T )!

So, this will be the last time I will write a review for This story. To be honest, I feel a little nostalgic since I really loved what you did with this story. But then again, this is nothing to feel sad about since you are now writing a new OC / Tyki – Story and I really can't wait to find out what your new plans are. From what I read of the first chapter and your summary, this plot seems to be also very promising (and I really hope that Joyd will also have some show time. His character in canon as well as how you wrote him here is simply adorable ;D).

And lastly, I am sorry to hear what happened with your old job and wish you good luck on your hunting for a new job.

Stay safe and healthy Earl Chesh, we will read again from each other in/on your new story,
Your 15th

PS: Daisya and Rhea pranking Kanda was simply awesome. Will this be a running joke in the story?
9/12/2019 c1 28chaosmoon75
I really like that last line. So far this is interesting.
9/12/2019 c53 Penelope
I'm sorry about the job. I hope everything turns out well for you.~

To the story, as I said, I love this story and I was always excited when you updated, but if you do not enjoy it, then we (the readers) will understand it and wish you all the best. ; )

I will definitely read the new version of it and please do not overwork yourself. Your real life should have priority.

Your Penelope
9/10/2019 c53 Puella Lector
Don’t worry and no presure!

Your mentaal health comes first, and everything else later on. Real life is hard and tough, and more realistic than most can see.

So it’s only understandable that you take time where every you need it and make the things you realy want to show. And the story can only get better. It also show the development of a writer.

I will certainly read the new and improved version of this book and I hope to see more of your fantastic work! But only if YOU are ready to make it

Lots of reading love and support,
Puella Lector
9/6/2019 c52 1Destiny's Gem
Will this story still be updated?
7/23/2019 c52 Penelope
Good day,
I am so happy that you have updated. I like the chapter.
Above all, I like the fact that Tricia supports Luca and in this chapter it becomes clear again that Luca is still a teenager.

OH GOD LAVI ! Somehow it was clear to me that the date would be interrupted and I was also pretty sure that it would be Lavi... but mouuhh Lavi ruined Lucas first date, just it wasn't his fault...

(By the way: Cassian is dead, should Tyki and Joyd find out that he was dating Luca... [evil grin] )

Madeleine was also well described and also appropriately added to the story.

I hope my comment is not too late.

Your Penelope
7/22/2019 c52 the 15th
Good evening Earl Chesh,

I am really happy that you are back and in such a good mood and with new motivation. Also, congratulation on getting your new job, I hope it will turn out well for you.

I really enjoy writing encouraging comments to you, since I really love your story and that you always writes something back. So it is no hardship and it makes me happy, that you appreciates my reviews :D

This chapter was as always well written enjoyable to read. I really like Tricia as the 'proper' mother figure in Lucas life. I think that both need such a relationship. Also thank you for the Tyki / Joyd moment. I can finally dare to hope that Luca will forgive him (scratch this, it will likely be more like setting her grudge aside, then truly forgiveness ). Though I wonder how Tyki and Joyd would react to the knowlege that she dated / tried to date that boy? (run Cass, run :D)

I hope that you are happy and well
Your 15th
7/18/2019 c52 The-Killer40513
Lulu Bell is being shunned by the Noah's for what she did, what she need is some affection, so she should go find the one person who was the most affectionate with her.
7/16/2019 c52 alexc1209
I'm totally feeling feels at the end of this chapter. I hope our girl will find a way to save both Neah and Allen. Also, what the heck is up with this Madeline chick? My first impression of her screams sociopath. I have a feeling we're going to be needing some alcohol for this one. Piece!
7/10/2019 c52 19Wolfs child
Love it! I can't wait to see what happens next! I hope the spell will work out for her and it makes me wonder if she'll ever forgive Tyki for all that he did, it also makes me wonder what happened with the rest of Tricia's family, or about how Road feels now that her little spider is gone. I can't wait to see if the spell works or not so please update when you can. As well as congratulations on getting your job I'm happy for you and I'm glad to say that we both got better and I'm rutting for you so keep doing you best after all good things come to those who wait.
7/9/2019 c51 Guest
Good evening~

Wow, I can not stop grinning. I love your writing style and I've read through these chapters a thousand times and I'm still not bored with it. I'm so proud that Luca makes problems and Sherly gets to feel that. I could never stand Sherly, even though he looks like a clown with his shit-looking grins and everyone wants to slap his face. And he should be related to Tyki? What a shame. Although they look a bit alike, the thought of it is pretty scary ...

Before I forget it : What's up with Road? Will she come back or will she stay in the background? I believe that Road is the only Noah who would allow and want a relationship between Tyki and Luca.

How is Wisely about Lucas and Tyki's "friendship"? And about Luca? In the American Branche Luca annoyed him a bit with the name "scarfy" and he couldn't reach to her mind without problems, but otherwise he was quite passive ...

I hope you will feel better during the break and wish that you will not stop. This fanfiction is too good to just stop. I already miss you , but every week I read through your other chapters several times and I am shocked \()/ You're already at the 52nd chapter ... wow, that's unbelievable als amazing. At that point, everyone has to say that you have really done a very good job ~ and that I (and certainly also the other readers) really enjoy reading it. Pls keep updating als habe care of yourself ~

Your Penelope
6/26/2019 c51 3WinterYule
Okay, I love this chapter on a lot of counts. Tbh, I’ve been waiting for Trisha to appear and go with them for a very long time and it’s finally happening. I knew that it be soon when they first met but I never realised that it be this soon! But i’m still happy anyways. Excited even. They’re gonna be one happy family.

This whole chapter is like one of those big heist movies. And the ending absolutely cements it. It’s pretty much becomes one of my fun go to chapters. I really want to know how Sheril is going to handle all of this. Imagine his shock and I wonder what will happen if he found that his wife had ran off with his greatest enemy. Lol, even his wife doesn’t want him anymore. Sheril will have to find a way to talk it out of this one. What if someone spreads a conspiracy about Sheril attempting to kill his wife to the tabloids? That be a sticky situation that he has to handle and smooth over if he wants to marry Tyki off.

My favourite scene is probably Luca and Trisha drinking whiskey together. I really like it. It pulls me in and it’s one of the few times that Luca gets to chill and be herself. Im glad Luca pulling Trisha out of that place, she deserves a lot better. I do love how she finds out all those gifts were from Luca.

I laughed when Luca called out dinner and they came running. It’s as if she’s feeding a bunch of dogs. I think Alma might be visibly disappointed that there’s no mayonnaise but a woman. But at least he has a mother now. I can imagine him glowing if Trisha ever hug him or cook for him.

Tyki is getting sassy with Sheril. And Luca still feels the sting of Tyki betrayal. I surprisingly like Cassian a lot. He’s really chill and really smooth but he still gives me off stalkery vibes. I realised that he doesn’t give much of himself away even though Luca talks somewhat of her past and it’s interesting to see Luca go all awol on the Crows. Even if it’s pretty bloody but I guess it’s a stress relief for her.

I honestly like the myths about the mechanical features and find it funny that Luca can remember myths well but not Sheril name.

I wonder what’s happening with Luca’s Innocence. It seemed like the curse is starting to have its effect on her and nothing seems to be going right for Luca, well except her breaking Trisha out. I wonder if the curse is affecting her stigmata. Would Cassian come and save the day? Swoops in all smooth? I really like the way Neah commands the akuma. It’s beyond hilarious.

And I think you deserve to relax and take care of yourself a bit. It’s definitely been fun reading this chapter. I can’t wait for what chaos would follow. Toodles! Yeah!
6/23/2019 c51 The 15th
Hey Chesh,

please don't stress yourself. This goes for your real life as for this story. You don't have to post all two to three weeks, if it is to much for you and this also doesn't mean that you have to abonden this story. Take as much time as you need. It is okay and no one has any right to be angry with you for slower updates or for you needing a break. So really, please think of yourself and what feels right for you.

I as well as your other regular reviewers will wait paitently and be there when you decide to update again. So please take as much time as you need.

I wish you the best for your real life and your inspiration.
Your 15th :D
6/21/2019 c51 ChurriVongola
Hi, I'm really a fan of your story! I got into your profile but I did not find any way to be in contact with you, unfortunately I still do not understand the fanfiction system well and I have no idea if you can make private conversations.
I hope I can have moments of tyki x luca, especially because our pleasure noah has been a little absent in history, although I can survive thanks to neah and its sensuality!
I apologize in case you do not understand my message, I am using a translator to write in English.
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