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9/25 c17 AvirRapter
Poor Shirou, blocked from indulging in his true side passion by necessity. That Krusty's cat moment was pure gold, by the by. Wonderful stuff.

Jesus, I didn't think a negotiation sequence would affect me this much. Great stuff, loved this chapter.
9/25 c14 AvirRapter
Taiga's an absolute blessing.

9/17 c28 Guest
Wouldn’t the Heaven’s Feel prevent the lose of XP - unless I completely misunderstood how the respawn systems works. Btw is Illya ever going to claim the full scope of the Heaven’s Feel or even just gain another completely broken power like Install?
7/29 c28 Super98
7/27 c28 EMSreader
7/5 c26 EnergeticBeet
Well there are things in Fate that are supernatural, but do not require any Mana/Od.
Okita Souji's "Reduced Earth" and "Lightless Three-Stage Thrust" are techniques that need no mana, but are clearly supernatural.
Sasaki Kojiro's Tsubame Gaeshi is also a technique, as supernatural as it is.
7/3 c28 EnergeticBeet
By Nasuverse logic a Apocalypse event wouln't actually be that strage.
Humanity is it's own biggest threat,
it is also Gaias biggest threat.
Magi haslve been developing their craft for thausands of years. While Science technology started giving birth to proper scientists for a few hundread.
And yet Humans already possess the power to end the world through Science, multiple times even (Atom/Hydrogen bombs). Heck Frankensteins monster was made by a scientist. A scientist successfully created life on par with Homunculi. The reactor core inside Frans body is supposed to be a type 2 Perpetual Motion Machine.

Turning a portion of Humanity into immortals while at the same time whiping out everything else and returning the world to whats essentially the Age of Fairies just seems to make sense on both Alaya and Gaia making a compromise.

Gaia tried to control Gods through birthing Typon in the age of gods and tried to control Humanity trough True Ancestors. Neither worked out.
With Humans Alaya, an entity which can effect even the past ended up being born. This basically luts Alaya above Gaia, since Gaia cannot exert interferance on the past.
So Gaia stopping all favoirtisms and interferance with living beings also seems to make sense.

If the world ends - no more respawns, so Adventurers would also be forced to protect the enviroment.
7/3 c28 3last admiral
Maybe Ilya can release her stress by fucking Shirou instead?
7/3 c28 last admiral
Shirou harem time with Sakura, Rin and Ilya when?
7/3 c23 EnergeticBeet
A Lander can be made an Adventurer.
No reason opposite can't happen.
7/3 c21 EnergeticBeet
If anymore people with knowledge of Magecraft get put here I'd reccomend Mana Ryougi.
7/2 c19 EnergeticBeet
Sakura's "Hollow" gives her access to Imaginary Number Space. this is essentially the same space as Adventurers Item Box.

It would make sense if Sakura somehow figured out how to steal from Item Boxes.
Or even drain others of Mana, like the Shadow did.
Even perma-killing people by eating their souls should not be out of her reach. Or at least sealing them.
7/2 c1 EMSreader
6/30 c11 EnergeticBeet
About the potion research.
I think transformation potions could also be researched.
There should be people with some.
Even if the full effect can't be replicated, at least parts could be.

I admit I mostly want this because I want author to write it as Illya trolling Shirou by making him a small girl and having 'him' call her onee-sama.
6/30 c7 EnergeticBeet
Waver should definitely be in Eldertale.
He actually enjoys video games a lot.
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