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10/5 c30 3coronadomontes
10/5 c29 ice cream of the gods
Have you tried opening a Patreon / Subscribe Star? It does make this somewhat more job like, but you can still take breaks. I know for a fact that it's viable, because people like "Ideas Guy" make somewhere between $2000-$6000 per month of just Patreon.

Your content is certainly good enough, and people who read your AN's may feel inclined to give a small subscription. If you want to make more money off subscribers the outline is as simple as, 1. create Patreon 2. reassure your current readers that you'll still be posting on the free websites like FF, (This is important because it allows for free ads for your own work) and then Step 3. For a higher subscription fee, give story chapters a few weeks in advance.

You can also test out story ideas on patrons and also take a commission fee to write 1-3 chapters of whoever commissioned you's idea. If people like that story then post it on FF and such others and see if you want to continue it.

I know I would pay to be able to either support you financially or to read a few chapters ahead so I imagine others would as well. This should help pay for college and other such things, while also giving you a backlog of story chapters that you can use while your busy doing something. Like if you had to take care of a family member or something.

P.S. if you end up using this Idea make sure to put a cap on commissions to stop burnout, open them when you feel like it or not at all, and make sure the commission price is something suitably high, like $100 or something, otherwise people will just commission an entire new story for like $30, which is not only cheap as hell, it also means people will submit more shit ideas that they haven't thought about as much.
10/5 c29 3Cataquack Warrior
Interesting and suspenseful chapter; I'm anxious to see how things play out from here.

That said, while I don't have any concerns on the chapter, there seems to be some error on the update. I saw the update under my Favorite Stories, and it shows the proper update in the fic itself, but when I clicked on your profile, it still says the story last updated in January - and has it placed below your other stories as a result.
10/5 c29 3last admiral
Thank god you are alive! Regarding the Pantreon... even if you dont want or like it, perhaps you can do Kofii instead?
10/5 c30 KnightR1
10/5 c30 Greatdfret4
Yay the god has answered and you're still alive and well

But seriously though, I thought you would leave this forever and ever, never coming back. This is just one of the fanfiction crossover to ever exist and unique to your own writing.
10/4 c30 3doraemax
Thanks for the update. This chapters is very fun indeed. Krusty's fight is indeed comedic. Toodles...hahaha. Plus saving an actual damsel in distress. I hope Krusty didn't disappear due to his sword like what happened in the anime. Still waiting to see what happened to him.

And still playing the Great Game throughout. Shiroe sure have a mind for political intrigued...although for now, only Ilya, not him that is more likely more to survive an environment like the GoT.

Heh, the 'Brigands' got a taste of Shirou's style of battle chaos here with Rin channeling her erstwhile Servant... I wonder how whoop their asses will be facing an actual Emiya. I hope to see one or more Crystalize Legends in action. Woohoo.

Hope everything works out for you. Don't stress yourself with the scheduling. You are a writer. You write. The key point is to continue writing, no matter what you write. A senior writer friend once said even if you wrote a paragraph a day, it will contribute. Stopping, is what kills Progress. Eventually the rest will fall in place.
10/4 c30 skrapsynneh
Yay. Thank you for the chapter. I look forwards to more. It has been a fairly long while. If Brigandia has created air balloons, are there any aerial monsters that would attack them? If there are, the arriving force may have deficiencies or they would have to load up on enough ranged classes to defend. Also makes me think of submarines and whether or not Adventurer bodies require air to live and/or speak.
10/4 c30 tank2u1wood
Thanks for the chapter.
Lol rin pulling a "shirou" is one of the funniest things I've read makes me want to read the case files as I haven't.
From a purely selfish perspective I hope you find the spark or motivation to pump out these awesome chapters, solely because I desire more of this story.
Looking forward to the next time take care of yourself.
10/4 c30 JustReader17
Welcome back!

Not sure what to say other than i'm glad you didn't decide to drop writing entirely (as in, i am immensely grateful to know that this story is still continued)

I hope you're doing well right now and i pray that your life continues to be better since that last time i heard you have trouble with IRL stuff.

Have a good day sir!
10/4 c30 1Trasgo Madaraz Artifex
With how thing went with Illya's party, I almost fell bad for the raiders of Akihabara.
We all know how Shirou deals with dangers to inocents, and specially towards his loved ones. And then there is Sakura, depending on how this story HGW played, with the potential of her "Grail fragments/God of evil" powered dark side, her start as a Monster tamer, and maybe the thing about her foxtail race learning random things...
Sound like a recipe for disaster.
Like a forgotten land mine which those riders are merrily going to step on.
10/4 c30 heartfanglives
Loved the fights in this chapter. Super excited to see this one update again. Might have to reread it all over. Can’t wait for more!
10/4 c30 2323lkj
Yeppa... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh
10/4 c30 Dasgun
10/4 c30 3RonaldM40196867
Stay awesome.

Shiroe is so cool.
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