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8/29 c19 Guest
Finally finish 20k too long and it felt some part of it could be cut out or shorten but whatever, what Illya did that type of shit would have eventually backfire and bite her in the back eventually both the meeting and setting up the landers like that(if the writer would allow that happen in the first place low expectations on that). Shiroe plan are way better then any Illya could think off is what this chapter shown because at least goes at an angle out of kindness and wanting to help way more then Illya could ever be. But at least it finally over it was dragging too long, can we at least have more fights with Emiya family showing them how they can punch above their level shown
8/28 c19 Guest
It’s really starting to feel like filler with the lander situation like it was handle way better in canon but here it’s overstaying the welcome it had for 5-6 chapters ago and it serve the purpose of giving the Emiya family relevance and a seat into the table when there’s better ways to do so, maybe it would been better if the hadn’t pop in akibahara instead somewhere which their would had much more impact on canon without have to cost on coattail of Shiroe and Co., because it really cement the fact that the Emiya family weren’t even needed in Akibahara to stabilize it and it would have resolve by itself without artificially make side plot just so the Emiya family have something to do.
Just saying the lander side plot should have been cut down or not lasted as long as it should have it was becoming stale really quickly the longer it stays and resolution for it will come out as hollow then anything interesting. Yeah the it was done in canon kept tight with better pacing and I read the novel
8/23 c18 Riverflow2020
shouldn’t rin have picked Gemsmith instead? Like thst class would fit way more with her specialty with Gems a lot more especially with that subclass allows the creation of Orb of Resurrectio, feel’s like a missed opportunity at least artificer provide some of it, tho if i have to guess Rin would probably go for Jeweler subclass afterwards
8/21 c16 Riverflow2020
Oh your relying on the animr and wiki, yeah you should probably read the manga and somehow manage to read the light novel just ro cover you bases since you will eventually run out material if you just rely on the anime or wiki, oh also read the log horizon side strories because they may become relevant to the main story
8/16 c6 Guest
Honestly using “root” to replace god, is kinda becoming cringe like I don’t where that fanon started but no one in canon of fate ever use it like that, also probably too late at this point the prana thing is also fanon it just magical energy just so you know. Anyway I’m just pointing it out I don’t expect it will change or anything tho still tho every time using “root” like she did so far is making me cringe every time but not enough to make me stop reading
8/16 c7 Riverflow2020
Know this is late but you should probably also check the VN for sakura not just the trilogy of heaven feels, probably also checked out the manga too
7/13 c29 Greatdfret4
6/18 c17 Ashwa'Thama
Just a question, you called the Shiroe guy the greatest strategist in the previous chapter, and now you are calling him the greatest tactician. I mean there is a vast difference between those two words. It's like calling Hannibal and Scipio the same person intellectually.
4/27 c12 a passing reader
Enjoyed reading until Taiga popped up. Might drop the fic if this garbage character becomes a mainstay.
4/25 c29 NibberWithAHardR
Great fic, am lovin' it.
4/18 c2 Guest
This is really good thank you for writing
3/22 c1 Joseph Miguel N. Arango
3/20 c5 jimmy.oz
Rin is wrong since the harem must be fed lol. seriously though the story is pretty good so far. so i will take my time reading it every so often so i don't catch up and then get stuck waiting for more chapters lol. keep up the good work.
3/20 c2 jimmy.oz
Too be honest with there abilities i feel like they wouldn't have a problem leveling up lol. wonder if Shirou's harem will be fed and grow in the game lol.
3/20 c1 jimmy.oz
Well if they do end up leaving the game maybe everything they do here will help Shirou and Illya live longer.
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