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1/3/2021 c10 SatanicVenom
Great story so far, would love an update.
5/11/2020 c10 DancerDragonRL
Ok,ok,ok, phew ... deep breath.

Oh My Thor, I love this story so so so so so much! It is such an amazing story and I love it sooooooo much!

I would love it if you would continue, but I know the story is over 2 years old, do I wont gwt my hopes up.

Thank you xx
5/5/2020 c5 DancerDragonRL
Well astrid just turned into me.
I had to read the hunger games about 6 months ago and I hated it. I also read a fault in our stars, and I guess it was ok but it was a bit depressing.
I love your book its awesome. Thanks x
10/25/2019 c5 1ILikeToReadFanasty
if he is why doesn't he just have a prosthetic?
10/25/2019 c5 ILikeToReadFanasty
I'm confused is hiccup in a wheelchair?
6/4/2019 c10 Guest
You got me hooked. I like to read more. Something like how long Bjorn will hold his grudge for a lack of a better term against his his daughter dating a wheelchair bound person.
9/18/2018 c10 31529
I'm not too impressed by this chapter... the 'turn the other cheek' issue with Astrid's father is not really a shame that I can understand... Honestly, in the modern world (in the US, at least) there are very few meaningful limitations to people in wheel chairs (and I really can't think of any that apply to most engineers)... now there are the obvious physical limitations, but most people can't play professional sports anyway. There really is no 'support' reason that would unbalance Astrid and Hiccup's relationship.

A bigger issue, I think, is the light bulb problem... Hiccup evidently knew that this was giving Astrid and yet never thought of proposing a change? And got jealous (effectively) when she called his dad to pick up a new one? I don't think that scene was very well reasoned, it seems to reinforce Bjorn's opinion, actually... this was a case of thoughtfulness rather than capability and Hiccup didn't end up looking very good.

It's been a good story to this point, but I've got to admit that I rarely stick with stories where angst is added in for no seeming reason.

Thanks for writing.
9/8/2018 c10 hoppytoad1
Not an idea sort of a statement question thing, are you picturing the style of wheelchair to be the one that you get when you break a leg. If so than you are correct he can not hold astrid hand when walking down the street but if you picture a wheelchair that you get when you are paralyzed then he would be able to because it can be pushed with one hand. Sorry about the long winded statement it is just I have a find who has been I a wheelchair for most of her life and she has a wheelchair she can control with one hand. This is amazing, keep going.
9/6/2018 c10 No Account
That was a little bit too sappy and angsty for more, but ok if that's the only one like this.
Could you please let Hiccup be of use to Astrid's dad? (If it fits)
Hope to read from you soon.

LG No Account
9/6/2018 c10 40Plasma Snow
Omt where have I been? I love this! You're amazing!
9/6/2018 c10 23pandamaster97720
love this chapter and for an idea for how hiccup will get Bjorn acceptances is have hiccup defend Astrid in public with another run in with Eret and his friends
9/5/2018 c10 78TheBookRider
Thank you for the chapter! :D :D :D
9/3/2018 c9 No Account
That tension between Astrid and her Dad...
I really thought she would run off!

I really like this story!

LG No Account
9/4/2018 c9 TheBookRider
Maybe Hiccup could save Bjorn's life somehow! Shove him out of the way of a car or something. Or he could somehow disarm a robber or something like that.

Just an idea. You don't have to do it. (Obviously, you know, since you're the one writing the story here, not me. xP ;D)

I love your chapters!
9/3/2018 c9 23pandamaster97720
Love the chapter and I don’t mind the long wait for it and I wish that Mr. Hofferson would see the truth about the love and care between hiccup and his daughter Astrid like how Stoick and Mis. Hofferson see it.
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