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3/14 c2 kombatant88
I would say that Motoko wouldn't do something like attack someone who's back is turned, but that'd be an obvious lie
10/29/2019 c2 Guest
"All males are perverts. They are only after one thing. They only care about themselves and their needs. Males have no honor. A male took my beloved sister away and made her weak."

Oh yeah? Well all females are scum. They're only after one thing. They only care about themselves and their needs. Females have no honor or dignity. Women took my awesome friends away and made them into beta males.
5/3/2018 c2 Kamencolin
Keep up the good work
4/27/2018 c2 10ultima-owner
kitsune being a spy tripped him up. To be fair she played her role well and no one expects her.

Pride is a dangerous thing to have but it's needed in moderation like the rest of the "sins".
4/25/2018 c1 KeiMut fans
KeiMutsu !
4/26/2018 c2 57Dragonsrule18
Awesome chapter! It was great to see Kietaro beat Motoko in the duel! I'm also so glad Naru accidentally broke the Promise!
4/24/2018 c1 17duskrider
Honestly I have to agree with you that most of the girls in the series are just NOs to getting in a relationship with. I mean discounting age Sara is a mini-Naru/Motoko most of the series, Su is a princess of a kingdom and an unstable mad scientist, and honestly their is nothing really wrong with Shinobu as a person outside of her lack of a spine at times it is more along the lines of "it would be creepy for him to date/marry an under aged girl". Same reason I'm not a fan of Buffy X Angel (that and the whole vampire slayer and centuries old vampire thing bring it to a whole new level of creepy, like a pig eating bacon kind of creepy (the kind a vegan or vegetarian would feel at the sight).)
Anyway Naru has all the desirable personality of a diseased rabid man hatting dog (the kind that would aim for the balls when a guy they don't know appears or just in general) and honestly only has her looks going for her in the series along with the childhood promise (that is honestly the only reason I think that those two got together, and that was more plot convince. Heck If I was Keitaro I would have kicked half the teants out the moment I could while keeping Shinobu (who does more than her fair share of work and actually not causes trouble on propose), and maybe Su (depending if she would be willing to tone down the more explosive experiments or at least move them off the property to not damage the house.) and even the later is a stretch for it. And I'm speaking as a 21 year old writer who has lived in a place where traffic laws are more of a footnote at times, and has an serve autistic little brother growing up who is around 17 now close to 18 (his birthday is coming up soon). Trust me I've dealt with my fair share of stuff to build up enough of a spine to call the cops on these loons (I mean in real life this series is less of a comedy and more of a case study on domestic abuse and Stockholm syndrome that I studied back when I was trying to be a psychologist), and the common sense not to just enter the hot springs first chance I get and wait for someone to arrive or come back later after getting a coffee and maybe a pastry some where.

Anyway good start to the story. I like the idea of these guys being force users and Keitaro struggling with finding balance in the Force.
4/23/2018 c1 10ultima-owner
4/23/2018 c1 57Dragonsrule18
Great story! I wonder if he'll meet the other Jedi and if so which ones. I'm not sure which girl to suggest as I don't know all that much about Love Hina.

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