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6/17 c1 The One Beyond You
This story among the 1% of the Good Ben 10 & BNHA Crossover Fic, 99% are Complete and utter Dogshit including All stories that give Deku the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix. Too bad the Author has abandoned it.
6/16 c3 Resurrection99
I could have sworn upchuck wasn't able to eat human food... or maybe it's been too long since I've watched Omniverse.
6/15 c1 2NakaR
I can bindge this all damn day if I have to
6/6 c4 2Aurum Faea
Also I just remembered, tsukauchi is widely thought to have a truth detection quirk
6/6 c1 Anon
My main issue with this and most stories of this nature is the mc always Ghiberti up the secrets of their origins too soon for very little reason.
6/1 c11 DarkMakesStories
an epic story but hasnt been updated for 2 years TvT
5/8 c11 Guest
more caps pls
4/17 c5 Guest
trust me dude the newest reboot really shows the shine of omniverse
4/10 c11 leoromerocalvo
I hope this story comes back
3/22 c11 Zabuza Momichi23
is this story every coming back?
3/18 c11 Wolf
For pairing how about itsuka, mei or pony would fit Ben well. Also for age remember the first years are the same age as ruby rose
2/18 c5 Guest
Why didn't you just age up Ben to 15 like the rest of the first years?
Why are there 21 students in Class 1-A instead of 20, wouldn't have Mineta been moved to general studies?
Why is be trying to avoid attention, being famous has never really been a issue for him, outside the first season of Ultimate Alien?
1/24 c1 matthew.robar23
When’s the next update coming this’s one of the better mha/Ben 10 crossovers (mainly because I am really sick of izuku getting the omnitrix)
1/15 c11 Triton600
please continue i love the story
1/15 c7 Triton600
i nearly died laughing from mineta's punishment
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