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8/13 c7 Guest
Why do you keep nerfing Ben you fucking ass shit retarded author you bullshit so much talking and drama ruin the fanfic if your just going to Nerf him stop saying holding up you shouldn't written this trashfic! Master control? But holding back? Are you retarded? Kill yourself you fucking asshole faggot no talent shit stop writing and kill yourself!
8/12 c5 Guest
You nerfed Ben why are you trying to make him hold back so much action drama this fanfic became trash
6/9 c11 hh
good story
5/27 c11 Guest
5/26 c11 Guest
Blackwhip-Daigoro(5th user)
Float-Nana(7th user)
Danger Sense-Hikage(4th user)
Smokescreen-En(6th user)
Fa Jin-3rd user
Unknown Quirk-2nd user
5/26 c10 Guest
Honestly I thought Mineta was smart he could get Back Fat from Momo
5/26 c3 Guest
Rocks power is actually causings Tremors or Earthquakes.
5/12 c4 5animemangaobsessed
Rath is my fav lol
5/6 c5 Guest
Nemu? Or Nezu
5/4 c11 Guest
Interesting but when is the next chapter plus the finale for the sports festival.
3/30 c11 Guest
I guess there won't be a stain legacy, its pretty much ruined
3/30 c10 Guest
Well he can't copy animals so he can't copy the DNA in the onmitrix
3/30 c10 Guest
Please no makeshifting things in order to get the ben ten characters u miss, OCs
3/30 c9 Guest
Keep the slain arch separate its integral to the build up of the league of villians, use it as an opportunity for ben to go ballistic later on if u must
3/30 c9 Guest
Dont mutate the quirk, its not like Kevin's power
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