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9/7/2019 c2 2thatdamnyank
I love this chapter I have re-read it a zillion times. One of my favorite parts about book one is the Rose/Bella bond you created.
7/11/2019 c2 marlastiano
7/11/2019 c2 1Geezorbee
That was really beautiful to read. Even had me shedding a tear when Rose an Em went to meet Vera. Alzheimer truly is a cruel disease.
There were a few times I got confused when you moved through time. I couldn't quite place what event you were referring to, though that might just be me.
Anyway, thank you for this.
4/25/2018 c1 1Call.Me.Random
This, this is important. Because the imprint thing really is messed up.
4/25/2018 c1 marlastiano
Good :)

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