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for Love Covers A Multitude of Sins

4/20/2020 c7 Guest
I love the reference to Garth Brooks!
2/5/2020 c106 2mdesolam
Can't thank you enough for the update dear author. Aug 23 NY is my favorite portion of the whole lot you know. Being a junpyo jandi addict though I strongly have jihoo in mind as well. That's why I am happy you gave him his happy ending. Thanks a lot. Take care
1/29/2020 c100 2mdesolam
Just finished reading this despite my tight schedule yet I can't put it down. Thanks for the story dear author. And thanks for updating more chapters. Take care
1/27/2020 c98 2mdesolam
Thanks so much for updating here. I couldn't hold back and had to get back to Asianfanfic to continue chapters 96 & 97. But I like this site more because I can reach out to you. Let me go read ok. Thanks a lot dear author. Take care
1/26/2020 c95 2mdesolam
Just so happy to have this on this site. Though I have to go to Asianfanfic to continue now with as i can't ignore the desire to read more. Thanks so much dear author for posting this story here. I can't ever get bored reading this story ok. Thanks a lot. Take care
12/18/2019 c75 2mdesolam
Thanks for updating this here. I was thinking of continuing on Asianfanfic when I got it here. Please don't relent in posting the full story here as I can comment unlike the other site. Can't ever get bored of reading this story. In fact the more I read the more interesting I find it. My best chapters are ones with junpyo and jandi sweetness though followed by jihoo and Ilana sweet ones not rejecting others at all just personal preference. Anyway thanks for the good work writing this story. Take care
10/27/2019 c65 2mdesolam
Oh what an addiction! Can't stop reading now I have to go to Asianfanfic to continue though. Why can't I stop myself. I think it's because I get really entertained reading this story always. No boring moments no dulling. Can't thank you enough for the story dear author. Thanks a lot. Take care
9/1/2018 c40 good reader
Thanks so much for 'loves long journey. I just found it and couldn't sleep all night till I read through. I really enjoyed it. But if you don't mind me saying I will be happy if Inso and Haeun end up in sweet marriage together. I like your writings. You are a great writer dear authornim. Thanks a lot
8/22/2018 c35 good reader
Thanks for the update. Really enjoy your writing dear author. I couldn't wait for you to update more chapters had to read more from the first site ie Asianfanfic. I appreciate that you are here so I can reach out to you. The story is an evergreen for me. Thanks a lot
5/25/2018 c25 good reader
My dear author how are you and family. Please pardon my intrusion. I want to suggest that you pair Yoon Ha eun with Gu In so in romance seeing it's already implied. Again Jihoo and Jandi's love will work out for their kids. Seriously looking forward to your next story. Thanks a lot.
5/1/2018 c3 11JHsgf82
4th-dimensional mask... Hazelnut macchiato... ;) Wow, I want to go on this trip now! Yay, HyungJun and KyuJong are there now! Cute interactions with the guys! Poor Ilana. I'm sure she'll begin to feel better with time, and I'm sure she'll have plenty of company!

Looking forward to reading more, thanks!
4/30/2018 c5 good reader
Looking forward to your coming story. I hope it will not be subscribers only on Asianfanfic. I learnt of the voting for Haneul or Haeun but could not partake due to login problems I have with Asianfanfic. I vote for Da reum. Thanks
4/30/2018 c2 JHsgf82
Nice job with the description and the suspense/excitement! Again, I feel for Ilana, so you are doing a good job of developing her. Aww, she lost her parents, just like a certain someone... Perhaps this is one thing that will bond them... Looking forward to more!
4/28/2018 c1 JHsgf82
Hey, this is a very intriguing start! I love all the detail you put in, and you do a great job with setting Ilana's character up and making the reader care about her. Very interesting, her having a phobia of hospitals. I can see how Ilana will need her future beau (which I already know about, haha), being sickly as she is and not 'quite in love...'

I am eager to read more, and I know it's been a long time coming! Haha. I think if I keep up with your posts on this site, though, it'll be more manageable for me, haha!

Thank you for this, and best of luck to you!
4/26/2018 c5 good reader
Just so happy to have you here and reach out to you. Can you please write a sweet jandi junpyo fanfic. I love how you gave jihoo a happy life and others too. I can't be bored with your writing and you will do well with jandi junpyo major with f3 as well. So grateful for lcams. Thanks a lot
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