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for Space 1999 Orphans from Space

5/13/2018 c7 Bailey Malone
Finally made some time to read your second story. Interesting story line, mixing action with deep thinking. A very dark story. I enjoy your writing. The ending is somewhat open, so I hope there is more to come! I thought the tunnel rescue scene was well written.
5/7/2018 c7 Guest
What is happening with the children? Will they survive?
5/7/2018 c7 frieke
Hi Danita, I forgot to log in, so I don't know if my review will post. Just curious as to what is happening to the children rescued from the ship. What's happening to/with them?
5/7/2018 c7 72Beth6787
Hi Danita,

Thanks so much for replying to my review of your first story. Just read the first seven chapters of your sequel. Very believable ! Do you teach sociology or psychology at undergraduate level? Your study of human nature would imply so : very insightful.

I do hope you finish this story and post more in the future, despite the mixed reviews you received first time out. I have always found, on balance, that the bulk of the comments are uplifting and often from our fellow writers. I first posted here on early December and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My advice for a negative review is to “take it on the chin” and challenge the reviewer to post their own ideas or an alternative to my story expressing their concept of that particular universe.

So far, the only people to do so are those that post constructive criticism - which pretty much speaks for itself!

I love this sequel and am looking forward to seeing how it pans out. And, of course, seeing Victor and Helena having the chance to realise a family of their own.

Thanks so much for adding to our Space 1999 universe...

Kind wishes,

4/30/2018 c5 frieke
Oh, this is getting better and better. More, pretty please?
4/29/2018 c4 frieke
So the malcontents are still at it. :-) Looking forward to the rest.
4/26/2018 c1 frieke
Looking forward to the rest, Danita.

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